YouTube marketing

Ebby Halliday Realtor Cynthia Lopez knows a thing or two about smart real estate marketing.

The tech-savvy agent uses YouTube marketing as a way to promote her listings, in addition to the normal online channels, like Zillow,, and Trulia.

“All of my listings go on YouTube. Everything nowadays is very visual and when buyers are looking at properties [online], they flip through so many pictures, it can all become a blur,” Lopez said. “I have found the YouTube video brings some life to it and give more a depth. It’s worked really well for my listings, and I get lots of great comments from it.”

YouTube marketing also helps her get houses under contract fast. Take, for example, our Tuesday Two Hundred, a Richardson house at 2001 Linda Ln. Lopez listed it last Thursday and accepted a contract on Saturday. Check out her video here:

The house is a 4-2 with 1,994 square feet on a big corner lot. It’s located in the Richardson Telecom Corridor area near Jupiter and Collins Boulevard, minutes from Raytheon and BlueCross, as well as huge mixed-use development CityLine. Its elementary school, Yale, gets an 8 out of ten score from, and Apollo Junior High earns a 7.

This house has interior updates and a swimming pool in back. Lots to offer, and listed for $236,000.


OK, I am grabbing all the credit for this one. Stopped by the Palomar Residences tonight where marketing director Adam Hignite tells me has has closed 5 more units since we last spoke in July, and has 6 under contract, this out of 53 units left. And Allie Beth Allman agent plus Palm Springs designer extraordinaire Mark Godson has decked out two Palomar units in design splendor — on display tonight and photos forthcoming. (Get ready to have your socks knocked off!) But here’s what tickled me pink: recall how I have this crazy marketing idea that sellers ought to let buyers “try before they buy” homes or condos, particularly condos if they are coming from a home and have not lived in multi-family for years.

Just like trying on jeans to see how your butt looks in them.

Well, tonight Adam told me he has launched my idea not once but thrice: three potential buyers have spent the night in the Palomar units they fancied to try them out for the weekend.

Out of the three, two bought the units. That’s right, two sales. I want to tell you this was done without a NICKEL of print advertising, on a tight marketing budget.

Try before you buy — it works! Patent pending…