I just came across something that gave me a great chuckle…so I thought I’d be generous and share.

Judgmental Maps posted a descriptive map of Dallas, which may render Google maps obsolete now.


Turns out, I live with the Preservationist Zealots, which is pretty much on target. If I hear from one more neighbor that a certain Snitch (who of course does not live in a Tudor or even a cute house) has sent the City out to inspect their exterior colors or date test a stained glass window that was removed, said Snitch will have 6 dogs worth of poo thrown in their yard to add to their home’s charm.

Based on this amazing map, the Dirt Queen herself, Candace Evans, lives somewhere in between Big Hair, False Boobs, and George W. Enthusiasts. Way more appropriate if she lives with the W Enthusiasts, though there are a few Liberals sprinkled in her ‘hood. Keeps it interesting. I think the false boobs are more congregated between NW Highway and Royal Lane. Correct?

The “Schoolbook Suppository” (6th Floor Museum) also cracks me up…that’s what my dad’s been calling it for years.

Is where you live & work correct?

Enjoy, and you’re welcome.

dallas_addison_texas_apartments_fiori_BDG_680_3It’s August, and still we see those “NO!” NIMBY signs all across Preston Hollow, indicating homeowner’s opposition to a potential multi-family residential development by a company called Transwestern, at Preston and Northwest Highway, Behind the Pink Wall. It’s been eight months since I wrote these words:NO-to-Transwestern-Deal (more…)

2843 Lee Street ext pool

This house is so gorgeous, and so affordable, you can probably put it on your black Amex or your Elite Master Card (the one that gets you into the Admirals Club) and net 795,000 Advantage miles.

That’s asking: $795,000. A totally contemporary Lionel Morrison design.  You know he did the White, Light, and very Bright house on Northaven, here below. (more…)

Booth Bros

Anyone wondering what is going on over at 6715 Golf with all the combat-looking ATF-type guys roaming around? Is there a Hostage Situation underway?

Sort of. The good guys at Booth Brothers Custom Homes have turned over the keys to the ATF for some hostage rescue training on a home they are about to tear down. Keep an eye on this property: it is going to be a sleek modern, designed by Robbie Fusch (who knew Fusch could do modern?) 6,000 square footer  with a 4- car basement garage and should be delivered about this time next year.

The ATF guys might be knocking a few holes in the walls to speed up the demo process, we hope. Broker extraordinaire Hunter Dehn, who specializes in finding fabulous lots for builders, tells me pre-tear down homes offer great training ground for these drills. I think I just might stop by for more pics… hope I don’t get shot!

1409 San Rafael extIf you are in the market for a great family home, this is one I want you to RUN to see, like today, if possible. I’m totally serious. It is a Forest Hills classic built in 2007 by (we think) Oscar Ponder, created of red brick and stone, with plenty of square footage — 5216 to be exact. This home is beautiful, soothing and jam-packs in four bedrooms, a first floor master, study, wine room, five fireplaces, five full and one half baths, whopping sized formals, and a four car garage with an auto court. Oh did I mention the gorgeous back yard pool and spa right off of not just one, but TWO charming covered patios and outdoor living areas, one with a pizza oven-sized fireplace and full kitchen? (more…)

D MAgazine Best Real Estate Agents 2014-WEB-76

Jeff Lindigrin and Lydia Player are expert photobombers!

This year, Great Western Home Loans was the proud sponsor of D Magazine’s annual Best Realtors party. (D does Best Realtor, someone else does the party.) It was one of the best they’ve ever had, and Candy even crashed the party! Well, how about we judge it by some of the fantastic smiles and goofy photo-bombs by North Texas’ top agents and mortgage professionals. Sponsored by Great Western Home Loans, the party, which feted the top-ranked Realtors at the Dallas Arboretum, ended with an equally fun POST PARTY also sponsored by Jeff and the Great Western folks at Terrelli’s on Greenville Avenue.

Seriously, I think it’s time we changed the saying from “party like a rockstar” to “party like a Realtor,” because these people obviously know how to have a good time!

Jump for more great photos from  KwikIMAGE!


Photo - Briggs-Taylor copy

It is ironic that I am in San Francisco at Inman Real Estate Connect, along with Ellen Sedeno, Marketing Director at Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s IR. Hanne Sagalowsky is here, too, from Ebby, and I’m sure there are more. We are filling our heads with the latest technological tools coming down the pike for agents and consumers, hearing agent concerns about aggregators and third-party portals, the “Z” word, learning how to use social media — the average adult in the US has 664 social media connections, which quickly goes viral with one small property post. 90% of agents use social media; only 10% use it right. Traditional advertising –phew, so archaic. It’s ironic because in the midst of all this high tech, almost mind-numbing sharing of information and tech start up companies with so many tools to help agents and make real estate as transparent as the glass on Reunion Tower, Briggs made real estate sales history.

photo copyLike $1 billion! (more…)