Free, yes indeed. All you have to pay are the utilities. The owner of this home is seeking a Home Tender. What is that? It’s a person who lives in a home for free, maintains and loves it, and keeps it looking fresh and beautiful for the owner who may not be able to live in the home for several reasons while it is on the market. Few homeowners want to leave their home stark naked and empty while it sells, subject to the whim of crazy intruders or, even worse, a house squatter! (more…)

3241 Merrell ext
This is one of those listings that drives me to drink because I cannot for the life of me understand how damn wonderful our real estate market is. Do you know that I wake up and pinch myself every single day? We are so lucky, I am so lucky, to be in a real estate market where we have beauty surrounding us. Beauty like the jewel box that is 3241 Merrell Circle.

If I were going to be poor — well, on a super tight budget — I’d so want to be poor right here in Dallas. Why? Because people are kind and generous and would give me their cast-off designer duds? Throw me a bottle of Veuve Cliquot and say, if you can catch it, you can drink it? NO! (more…)

4307 Armstrong Parkway lot

Recall our dismay at the dismantling of 4307 Armstrong Parkway, where the buyers, a Hillsborough, California couple named Williams bought the Donnally family home, tore it down to build a new home, then changed their minds about building (they bought another home in Highland Park). They put the lot back on the market for $5,595.000, exactly what they paid for it. (more…)

6229 Tulip IHOTW

Having just returned from Maine, I was OD’ing on Italianate design, as it was the preference of many a ship’s captain for his grand home. We sure have a lot of Italianate design in Dallas, too, sometimes, I think, too much (eeck!).  The style was one of the most popular Victorian-era housing styles from the mid- to late-1800s. That’s why they are all over the coastal areas of Maine. Homes in this style ranged from a modest two-story town house to those ornate sea captain and magnate mansions. They were inspired by the villas of Italy, or at least what people thought the villas looked like. At that time, few American architects traveled abroad. The style is defined by the use of single or paired decorative brackets under wide cornices.

Add a clay tile roof, and you’ve got Santa Barbara. (more…)


Linda Gray, star of our beloved “Dallas” series, shows off her Dallas condo for CLOSER Weekly magazine/site. It’s pretty clear from the balcony shot where she lives: Museum Tower! Her two-bedroom, two-bath home is just beautiful, and Linda says she loves being in such a clean-lined living space: (more…)

King Neptune

Photos: Nancy Evans

Thank you, Keller Williams Urban. Since I’m in Maine, we really don’t need an ice bucket: we have one outside the front porch called The Atlantic Ocean: 65 degrees. I have only tip-toed in because it’s so cold, but here I am going in the water to swim all for you Keller Williams Urban guys and ALS — (more…)


It seems that Tom and Cinda Hicks are getting ready to build another vacation home in La Jolla. We know they already have one place on the water in that delectable beach town, bought in 1994 for $1.875 million, but according to my colleague, Neil Leitereg at The LA Times, Tom and Cinda have purchased a circa 1950′s home on a corner lot within walking distance of La Jolla Bay.



Linda - 1271 Mitch - 1294Brenda - 1360Patrick - 1360Emma - 1361Josh - 1361Julie - 1361Jesse - 1361Jordana - 1373

Spoilers ahead! If you haven’t watched TNT’s Dallas mid-season premier yet, which launched Monday night, you may want to just look at all the pretty pictures.

To find out this amazing home on Southfork Road, jump!

4005 Southfork Front