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Spoilers ahead! If you haven’t watched TNT’s Dallas mid-season premier yet, which launched Monday night, you may want to just look at all the pretty pictures.

To find out this amazing home on Southfork Road, jump!

4005 Southfork Front



The big real estate news in town is that Dave Perry Miller, the high end luxury boutique firm with those regal blue and gold signs all over town, has a new manager of the Preston Center office. Her name is Gaynelle Henger, and she’s replacing Bud Bush at Dave Perry-Miller’s outpost in Preston Hollow, as he is moving to Ebby’s corporate office to analyze finances for DPM.

Bush has worked with Dave Perry-Miller for almost eight years, when Dave Perry-Miller sold the luxury boutique firm he built from the ground up to Ebby Halliday. Gaynelle comes to the table as a top producing agent at Ebby Halliday. But of course there was much more to the story than meets the eye, as Dave delighted in telling his office. (more…)


Last week, my dear friend Tim Rogers over at D Magazine gave Museum Tower some good SEO by headlining that 

“Museum Tower Shows Strong Uptick in Sales”.

He checked DCAD and found:

“…that 27 units have sold, for a total of 108,208 square feet and $57,343,250 of assessed value. Not too shabby. In about five months, Museum Tower has roughly doubled its numbers.”

But despite the nice headline, he didn’t think sales were fast enough. Or are fast enough. Of course, we in the real estate biz know how terribly behind DCAD lags. Until week before last, Kathy Nealy’s condo was still listed as being owned by Fannie Mae, and while I knew that Yu Darvish had bought his Bluffview home last November, it took DCAD 5 MONTHS to finally change the ownership from Joseph Palladino to Yu.  (more…)

4907 Armstrong Parkway Erin Mathews has it listed, described as “Situated on one of Highland Parks most revered parkways, this premier 0.82 acre corner building site features an abundance of beautiful old growth trees. Truly an amazing opportunity to create your dream home.”

Yeah, we know all about the revered parkway and the amazing opportunity that was once 4307 Armstrong Parkway. A home beloved by it’s family, and a treasure for everyone who drove by. Sigh.

The only constant thing in life is change.

4307 Armstrong Parkway exterior (more…)

IHOTW 4029-Southwestern-ext1 These are the days where you have to get the kids to bed earlier and earlier each night, and wake them up earlier and earlier to get them off to school or at least ready to go back. Most people will have found a home by now, boxes somewhat unpacked, closets lined with backpacks and books.

But just in case you are still looking for that perfect family house in University Park, just in case you still want Hyer and Highland Park High School, let me introduce you to 4029 Southwestern.  It’s a brand spanking new listing with Allie Beth Allman’s smart Chad Barrett.4029 Southwestern doorway

0509saltillorendering Like I told you yesterday, it was showtime down at City Hall for Provident Realty Advisors’ $80 million re-development of the Saltillo Apartments on Cole Ave. on the Katy Trail. City Council Chambers were packed for this rare Highland Park defeat — I barely found a seat coming in just before the item hit the agenda, having been moved up (thank you, Jesus) by Mayor Mike Rawlings. I just had to sit through a debate over a Beer Barn drive-through. My Lord, Dallas wants to be a WALKABLE city and then we have drive-ins for folks who cannot even walk to get their beer! Actually, there was a Beer Barn in North Dallas years ago; the first time I saw the place I marvelled. In San Antonio, my son once took me to a drive-in Margarita place. They seal plastic bags over the margies so you cannot sip them, unless, of course, you do the unthinkable and OPEN THE PLASTIC SEAL IN THE CAR! I was thinking about that place today, and the old Beer Barn, and how hard it was to walk in heels in the heat, because I just knew we’d be hearing WALKABLE so darn much today my feet would hurt. (more…)