4465-Rheims-Place-Kimberly-Schlegel-Whitman-Real-Estate_092036Diana Oates over at CultureMap beat me to this one, but that just gave me a chance to go plant my basil garden! (Thanks, Diana!) The Diva of Dallas entertaining has put her home on the market! Kim Whitman, the author of six fab entertaining books (I still have her very first, about parties for her dog Lola as well as The Pleasure of Your Company), Today Show appearances, her blog based on the century old RSVP Social Calendar that is THEE go-to for charitable events in Dallas and her daily radio segment on Dallas’ number one morning show and co-host of KTXD’s live daily television talk show, Texas Living, is the seller, along with her husband Justin, of course. In 2011, Kim became the Editor-at-Large of Southern Living Magazine. In addition to leading a media empire, Kim’s a wife, and a mother of two children — Millie Stuart just turned one this weekend, in fact. (more…)

10660 Strait Lane overviewThe Statler Hilton, The Stoneleigh, and more than 40 residential developments in North Texas, Austin, Houston and San Antonio, are not the only properties owned by developer Mehrdad Moaydi and his vast land-snatching Centurion Development Company.

Yesterday, Mehrdad closed on Phil Romano’s gorgeous 10660 Strait Lane that has been on the market since about 2004, most of that time with Allie Beth Allman agent extraordinaire Doris Jacobs. The spread was originally listed for $17.5 million, but had been reduced to $10 million. It’s definitely a milestone for the man who started his development company in the 1980′s and learned the construction business moving dirt, pouring and laying concrete.  (more…)

5038 Deloache longshotDo you think they just want to be near Yu Darvish? Pro baseball infielder Michael Young — former, that is, I think — and his wife, Christina Barbosa, have purchased a massive, stately grand house on the fabulous street of Deloache, the same street as Mark Cuban’s humble abode. Yes, THAT Deloache,  in Sunnybrook Estates, Preston Hollow. (more…)

Many of you know I am obsessed with Hollywood Heights and the street that we live on. I love our neighbors, I love the trees, I love how our street is off the beaten path and many don’t know about it, and I love that it’s little and intimate. In fact, I have previously described it as a little slice of heaven.

But with only 16 houses on it and a housing market that is on speed, the chance to live on our street doesn’t happen often. Until today. Kate Looney Walters with Allie Beth Allman has a LEASE listing for a charming tudor at 6926 Patricia Avenue in the middle of this great street.

With 1,687 sq. feet and 3 beds/2 baths, it’s not a bad size for a 1931 home either. (more…)

Inwood HOTW4511-ArcadyHere is a vintage Highland Park honey built in 1936 but significantly remodelled, majorly taken to the studs, back in 2002. Everything in the main house has been replaced, from windows to roof and of course all the innards, maintaining the traditional finish that just spells “HOME”. Then, the owners went a little maniac (in the best possible way) and added a 2500 square foot guest house, complete with a wine cellar, that will knock your socks off. And best of all,  4511 Arcady is available for less than $2 million. (more…)

IHOTW 17-Robledo-Dr

You know Los Arboles? That seriously gated community off Forest Lane, snuggled in between Preston and Hillcrest, dripping with lakes, waterfalls, and some of the most manicured landscaping in town? Inside those pearly gates you find some amazing properties that are little known because, well, they are behind gates! (more…)

Baron estateThursday, Lisa Blue Baron’s palatial Preston Road estate goes into the MLS as the Mathews-Nichols team begins their marketing blitz to sell what will be the most expensive home ON THE MLS MARKET in Dallas.

We heard today the asking price will be $37.5 million. Yes, I know that the Hicks are still marketing the Crespi Estate through Doug Newby, at least last time I looked they were, for $135 million. So yes, the Hicks estate is still the most expensive home on the market in Dallas if you include off-market listings. (It even made the cover of Private Air Magazine!) In fact, it’s one of the most expensive homes on the market in the entire country. Mt. Vernon is still available,too, just not in MLS for now. 4009 West Lawther is $19,000,000.  (more…)

5526 W University front extI wish bodies could be more like houses. We spend so much in maintaining the outside (I am so overdue for a microderm my skin is screaming!) and try our best to keep the insides tuned up – eat right, exercise, no toxins. But sadly, we cannot gut our bodies, take them down to the studs, replace tissue, bones and fluids, and produce another 50 plus years of life span.
With a house, you just paint the facade and gut the innards, and voila! 5526 West University. This is a vintage 1953 mid-century modern gem just coming on the market this week. I was in it Friday, and didn’t want to leave. Of course, I was also enjoying the high off of “fresh home fumes” as I call them. There is nothing, nothing like walking into a freshly built or remodelled home and smelling the potpourri of fresh paint, varnished floors, clean wood and clean lines. The listing agent, precious Marybeth M. Peters, tells me the home was once owned by a member of the Caruth Family, once one of the largest landowners in Dallas. In fact, Patty Caruth came thru the very first open house this weekend. (more…)