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It is ironic that I am in San Francisco at Inman Real Estate Connect, along with Ellen Sedeno, Marketing Director at Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s IR. Hanne Sagalowsky is here, too, from Ebby, and I’m sure there are more. We are filling our heads with the latest technological tools coming down the pike for agents and consumers, hearing agent concerns about aggregators and third-party portals, the “Z” word, learning how to use social media — the average adult in the US has 664 social media connections, which quickly goes viral with one small property post. 90% of agents use social media; only 10% use it right. Traditional advertising –phew, so archaic. It’s ironic because in the midst of all this high tech, almost mind-numbing sharing of information and tech start up companies with so many tools to help agents and make real estate as transparent as the glass on Reunion Tower, Briggs made real estate sales history.

photo copyLike $1 billion! (more…)

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If these were still available when you designed your real estate website, chances are you need to update. Stat.

So, I’ve been blogging about real estate for a couple of years now, which has given me ample time to compile a list of things on real estate websites that drive me up the wall. And as more and more sales leads come from the web, user experience has become a huge deal for real estate.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, as I’m sure I haven’t seen every real estate websites out there, but these are the nails-on-the-chalkboard issues that keep on resurfacing. Nothing will have me leaving a website faster than seeing one of these features on it, and I’m pretty sure potential clients feel that way, too.

For the top 8 features that you should never have on a real estate website, jump!


Olson Hill Giveback Homes

Jacy Olson and Carrie Hill have joined the team behind Giveback Homes.

Y’all know about Olson and Hill, the two dynamic brunettes who are an amazing team at Nathan Grace. These two women have been friends for a very long time, and are using that bond to help build a business that lasts.

Jacy Olson and Carrie Hill have lived in the Lake Highlands area and are big supporters of the community, so when they found out there was a way they could do what they do best — help sellers and buyers — and improve the lives of the less fortunate through Giveback Homes, they jumped on board!


Guitars are painted and embellished by local artisans, like these acoustic ones from the 2011 Art Guitar Auction.

Guitars are painted and embellished by local artisans, like these acoustic ones from the 2011 Art Guitar Auction.


What a fantastic way to promote communities, music, and art! Check out this giveaway from the  Campbell-CoitPreston Plano Parkway190@Jupiter and Preston Keller Ebby Halliday Realtor offices — they’re giving away several custom electric and acoustic guitars as part of the Wildflower Art & Music Festival Art Guitar Auction. Read on for more!



This year’s Suburbia Music Festival lineup is amazing, y’all. Some of my favorite acts are going to be onstage at this incredible event, and I’m so sad I’m going to miss it because a dear friend of mine decided to get married the weekend of May 3. Don’t worry, I’ve been giving her round-trip tickets to Guiltville for a while. Kidding! (Maybe.)

But you, my friend, can win two VIP passes to this incredible music festival in our own little burb of Plano, Texas. Thanks to the generosity of the amazing folks at VIVO Realty. They’re staging a super fun photo contest for people who really love Plano, just like VIVO Realty does. Jump to find out how you can win!


Athena exteriorYou know all about the fracas Behind the Pink Wall, the “No” signs all over Preston Hollow. And you know that former Mayor Laura Miller (and former City Councilman Mitchell Rasanksy, both of whom live in Preston Hollow) have asked Jennifer Gates to get another proxy beside City Councilman Lee Kleinman because he isn’t “willing to listen enough” to homeowners who live up and down Northwest Highway who are concerned about increased traffic from this project, homeowners from as far away as Central and Midway Hollow. (more…)

4646 Chapel Hill Lake viewAs I was driving to the Mad hatters luncheon at The Dallas Arboretum last week, I passed by this house and stopped dead in my tracks on West Lawther Drive. In fact, it was the reason why I missed half of Jam Strimple’s fabulous fashion show. Entirely worth it. I was driving in front of 4646 Chapel Hill Road, one of the most beautifully situated homes in Dallas. Set on 1.03 acres, this home fronts on Chapel Hill but overlooks White Rock Lake with clear, 180-degree lake views. (more…)

NO-to-Transwestern-DealA few weeks ago we told you that Laura Miller, Mitchell Rasansky and a bevy of Preston Hollow  ”VIPs” had joined the debate over a multi-family complex in the early works over at Preston and Northwest Highway, Behind the Pink Wall. This development is the source of all the “No” signs cropping up in Preston Hollow as far east as Hillcrest, as far west as Midway Hollow, and as far north as Forest.

Well, now Miller, that is former Dallas Mayor Laura Miller, has taken it one step further. She WROTE an email to Jennifer Gates asking her to replace Kleinman, claiming he is unwilling to meet with Jennifer’s constituents. Well, she didn’t say he was “unwilling”: she said appoint someone who is MORE willing: (more…)