FullSizeRender Here is Rogers Healy agent Grecia Garza outside of 21 Turtle Creek today. “I may or may have not tumbled,” she tells us.

No, she didn’t fall, she’s feeling the snow!

Carrie Hill and Thomas Zepeda Snow

And here are Realtors Carrie Rigdon Hill and Thomas Zepeda from Nathan Grace getting some “work” done during yesterday’s snow day.

Looks like a good gig to us! Wine + Snow + Real Estate = Plenty of fun!

It's snowing like crazy in North Texas, and some dedicated real estate professionals are making deals happen despite the weather!

It’s snowing like crazy in North Texas, and some dedicated real estate professionals are making deals happen despite the weather!

I can’t lie, y’all. I love snow. Really and truly, I love it. I also love working from home, too, so I don’t have to drive in the crazy mess. Still, there are some seriously dedicated Realtors, stagers, appraisers, inspectors, and lenders who make things happen despite the weather. We asked these dedicated real estate professionals to send us their snowy selfies as Dallas gets covered in white stuff. Here they are!



Clay Stapp Button Video

Well, Clay Stapp sure does know how to sell the luxury real estate lifestyle. Just look at this marketing video for a $3.95 million estate on Preston Hollow’s Lobello Drive. What, you’re not noticing the gorgeous finish out? The luxurious floors? The beautiful pool? The 1-plus-acre lot?


Are you looking to build your real estate business in 2015? Ready to top sales records? We have five hot tips on how you can make the most of 2015!

Are you looking to build your real estate business in 2015? Ready to top sales records? We have five hot tips on how you can make the most of 2015!

If you’re looking to top your 2014 sales and referrals this year, but don’t know where to start, you’re not the only one. A lot of times agents will hire pricey marketing consultants to take an objective look at their materials and campaigns. This can be overwhelming for some Realtors, but the truth of the matter is, marketing your real estate business is critical to success.

We’ve scoured the top sources for real estate professionals and have put together this list of the best ways to make the most of your marketing efforts as you look to make or break sales records in 2015.


Zoccam Phone

Let’s say you’re in hot pursuit of a home that has multiple offers and you want to get your earnest money in and get the home locked down quick. It’s a total pain in the posterior for some agents when they have to race across town to the title company to get that check in the right hands. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just deposit the check using the camera on your smartphone? I mean, you’re carrying it around everywhere anyway. You can’t live without that thing!

Well, ZOCCAM will change all that. The new smartphone app, which just went live in Texas today, will allow licensed agents to send earnest money with ease, and without having to drive anywhere. The app, which uses Jack Henry & Associates to securely process checks, is available to licensed Texas real estate agents for $9.99 a month or for $100 a year.

“We are revolutionizing the way real estate transactions are conducted,” said Ashley Cook, a Dallas real estate attorney and founder of ZOCCAM. “We are improving the agent’s ability to attract and service clients by enabling faster sales cycles. Instead of driving checks to the title company, the agent can spend more time putting deals together. Not only does it minimize their liability, it gives them more time which is something you cannot buy.”

Yes, this is like BUYING YOU TIME! Who wants to spend more time in the car when they could just use their smartphone to get things done? Really, who doesn’t like that? This thing is going to be huuuuuge! Jump for more!


Find Beverly

I just got off the phone with Dallas Police Department’s North Central Patrol Division Neighborhood Police Officer Mark Lutz, who will be giving us more detailed tips in the coming days on how Realtors can better protect themselves from dangerous criminals, so stay tuned.

Until then, real estate agents can take some comfort in the news that Arkansas officials have apprehended Arron M. Lewis, a convicted felon and parolee accused of kidnapping Little Rock real estate agent Beverly Carter while showing a vacant property. Lewis escaped from an area hospital after a single-car accident just 30 minutes from the bank-owned home Carter was showing when she disappeared. Yesterday, after his escape from the hospital, a judge issued a warrant for his arrest. A Facebook page has been started to help disseminate information regarding Carter’s disappearance.

Of course, this has some Realtors wondering how to best keep this from happening to them. Lutz suggests that a third-party background check would be helpful to screen out potentially risky clients, such as SecureShow. Otherwise, staying aware of dangerous situations is key, Lutz said, as well as calling 911 the moment you suspect something is up.

Inman News says that some agents are calling this incident a “wake-up call” for Realtors. What do you think?

Lydia 2013

A perennial top-performing agent, Lydia Player offers her wisdom on real estate marketing

As an occasional feature, we’ve asked several high-performing agents about their marketing strategies. We wanted to know what does and doesn’t work for real estate agents in a variety of situations. This time we’re focusing on getting ready for the off-season. We asked star Ebby Halliday Luxury Portfolio agent Lydia Player: “What are the best actions and biggest mistakes agents make when marketing themselves.

Look for her answer after the jump:



Giveback Homes member Robbie Briggs (center), president and CEO of Dallas-based brokerage Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty, at Giveback Homes “build day” in Dallas. 

You remember our very own Blake Andrews, yes? The founder of Giveback Homes, a real estate charitable concept that gives pros a channel to donate funds to help build homes for those in need in desperate, needy parts of the world. 

On his first mission trip to Nicaragua in 2011, Blake was more than moved by how the people of Nicaragua lived and where they lived — in homes you could not even call shacks. Back home in Dallas, his friends were buying homes with Viking ranges while to these folks, even a rusted-out stove was a dream. Most were living under scraps of wood and metal, or tarps. Blake was transformed. In his work for TOMS, he got these people shoes for the feet.

Now, he is working to get roofs over their heads. (more…)