3822 Treeline - Exterior 1

Driving up to this home, many thoughts pop into your head:

“Quick, call Elon Musk, I’ve got a Solar Shingles test house for him.”  

“Did the first floor fall into a sinkhole?” 

“One slip and Santa’s dead.”

“Honey, if the roof ain’t new, keep driving.”

Well, the roof is new … along with most everything else.

The home was listed in July 2016 for $138,000 and sold about two months later.  A pinch over three months after that, 3822 Treeline Drive is back on the market for $285,000 with Laura Gambini Anderson of William Davis Realty. So yeah, it’s a flip.  But it’s also a spacious 2,025 square foot “new” home with three bedrooms and two full bathrooms waiting for a no-fuss, no-muss buyer.


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Looks like there could be a new mixed-use or multi-family development coming, as Charlie Perdue of Perdue Equities Company has listed this 2 acre site on Greenbrier with unobstructed downtown Dallas views. Trust me, this is an incredible lot, and is right in the Oak Cliff Gateway.

“The site would be ideal for a seven- to 10-story (three to four stories of parking included) multi-family project that could take advantage of the maximum height allowances and unobstructed views of downtown Dallas,” Perdue said. “Within the Oak Cliff Gateway zoning ordinance, this site is one of the only places you can achieve maximum height (20 stories) without the residential proximity slope restricting the number of feet you can build up.”

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Fringe Boots at Kessler

Jeff Liles at the Kessler Theater says he just wants to let it go. I’m talking about that video he posted of the two women who were asked to leave the Lee Ann Womack concert at the Kessler Theater week before last. We know that both women live in the Park Cities, including Miss Fringe Boots (who DOES know Lee Ann Womack, she wasn’t lying) BUT! this is soooo much better. Such hope for the future.

Jeff posted on his Facebook page last week that not everyone who hails from the Park Cities is loaded with “negative ideologies” :

Now THIS is class: Last night, as the crowd was filing out after the Bright Light Social Hour show, a young man handed me an envelope on his way out the door. I didn’t get a chance to open it until a couple of hours later, but what was inside warmed my heart. It was hand written note wrapped around a hundred dollar bill. The note read (and I’ll paraphrase): “Kessler staff, First off, I want apologize on behalf of the Park Cities. I was born and raised there, and in light of what happened at your theater last week, it was very difficult to state aloud my place of birth. I hope that you will not judge my neighborhood as a whole in the same manner that these two women judged your own; bringing stress, bad vibes, and a thought process riddled with negative ideologies. I have attached to this letter some money that I received for recently graduating college. Please buy your fellow employees who were affected by this disturbance some food and drinks on the good neighbors of the Park Cities.”

Peacocks of Beckley Estates

This is terrible: a man stole one of the beautiful wild peacocks that live and roam freely in Beckley Club Estates, a neighborhood of east Oak Cliff. Not only did he kidnap it, he grabbed the poor bird as the creature was in the middle of a mating ritual when he had unfurled his full plumage of feathers. Which is, of course, what male peacocks do when they are about to — um —  mate. The man then man-handled the poor frustrated cock, according to a report on NBC Channel 5, grabbing the animal by both it’s claws and thrusting him into a black SUV. This happened on Saturday, about 7 pm, according to witnesses in the neighborhood. Day before Easter. (more…)