Sigh. They sure don’t make ‘em like they used to. And in this era of teardowns and McMansions, wonderful old beauties like 3608 Drexel Drive don’t often see their centennial birthday.  Let’s hope that this stately Southern charmer does.

Listing agent Christy Berry of the Collective Luxury Residential loves this property as much as we do. ” I don’t think there are a lot of houses out there that have Southern charm like this,” she said. “A lot of people have asked, ‘Why the yellow?’ but the owner wanted to keep it in character with the original look and feel of the house. It has always been yellow.”



“This house is like a temple.”

We’re standing in the open living area of 6832 Westlake Avenue and Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s Realtor Scott Carlson makes a sweeping gesture upward. He’s not wrong. This immaculate renovation is temple-like. In the morning sun, the space absolutely glows. Light filters in from the home’s abundant transoms and bounces off of the sleek marble counters and white custom cabinetry and there is a sort of reverence about it all. The tour is over and I remain reluctant to depart.

“You never want to leave this place,” Carlson says, as if he’s reading my mind. Or, perhaps, my body language is just that obvious.



We look at houses all day long. And it’s not often that a new build delights us the way this modern farmhouse by Patten Custom Homes does. It is detail-oriented, with endless built-ins, fixtures, and flow designed specifically for family living. For partner Natalie Patten, 9215 Royalpine Dr. was a labor of love.

“I designed this home with a family in mind,” Patten said. “I put a lot of effort and love into making this home set up the way I’d want to live.”

We think that effort shows. Come, have a look!



Let’s get this out of the way first: this luxury lease is already spoken for. We figured, though, there’s always room for eye candy, and at $10,000 per month, 3141 Southwestern is the creme de la creme of lease properties.

We spoke to Realtor Susan Baldwin who shared that the lucky soon-to-be occupants are a local family who has always loved this gorgeous French Provincial. After selling their home, the clan chose this looker as their interim residence while planning their next move. We are green with envy!

And speaking of green (like what we did there?), check out that walk-up. Set back from the street on top of a lush slope, the house commands some serious attention – and admiration.

“It really does have such a stately presence,” Baldwin said. “It’s got that ‘You have arrived!’ look that executives are searching for.”

Stately, it is. And utterly lovely.


M. Christopher Completed-Frame

Another high-end builder in North Texas has filed for bankruptcy. This time it’s M. Christopher Custom Home Builder, who left many clients with liens and unfinished properties. (Photo: M. Christoper and Company)

Families all over Dallas-Fort Worth are left in a lurch after M. Christopher Custom Home Builder has filed for bankruptcy.

According to a report from NBC 5, several homeowners in developments across North Texas put significant deposits on half-constructed homes only to see that money disappear and no progress at their homesites. It’s a situation not unlike what former clients of Bella Vita Custom Homes are facing after that company declared bankruptcy.


Bella Vita Custom Homes set up offices all over Austin, but failed to deliver on their promises to clients according to an investigation by KXAN.

Bella Vita Custom Homes set up offices all over Austin, but failed to deliver on their promises to clients according to an investigation by KXAN. (Photo: KXAN)

According to a brand new investigative report from KXAN in Austin, Dallas-based Bella Vita Custom Homes has declared bankruptcy. The builder, after failing to pay subcontractors and losing vast sums of client money, has permanently closed and remains a target in lawsuits.

Bella Vita was founded in Dallas in 2010, with its trademark white crest on a navy blue background popping up on lots all over Dallas and the Park Cities. But just after Tracey and Joel Lackovich selected Bella Vita to build their custom home in the gated community of Spanish Oaks just outside of Austin in Bee Cave, construction slowed and problems began to crop up. That was in 2015, and since then, the Lackovich family has dealt with one nightmare after another.

But what can be done to protect a homeowner from a less-than-honest builder? Not much, the story alleges.



In fifteen more days Andy Beal will have owned the Hicks Crespi Estate, aka Walnut Place, for a whole year. My how time flies. This was the biggest real estate transaction in Dallas last year, and in the state until the sale of the Waggoner Ranch in Vernon, Texas. Of course, Waggoner is practically its own community, Walnut Place is  huge, historic Dallas estate that sits in the middle of the moneyed Preston Hollow honeypot. A former U.S. President’s property is adjacent. Rumor is that Beal, who is very close to President-elect Donald Trump, wants to sell or subdivide the Hicks Crespi Estate because he also snapped up the $34 million estate of the late Trammell Crow in Highland Park.

Recall this home was originally priced for sale, not in MLS, for $130,000,000. When Allie Beth Allman got the listing from Doug Newby, she popped it into MSL and lowered the asking price to $100,000,000. The sales price was undisclosed, but rumored to be in the $61,000,000 range.

Beal takes the cake for swooping up the most expensive Dallas real estate in 2016. If President Trump ever comes to Dallas, likely he will be staying with Beal at the Crespi/Walnut Place. Had Hillary Clinton won, she would likely have stayed with Lisa (Baron) Blue at the Baron estate, on the market for $28,500,000.4500-Preston-Rd-ext (more…)

Adeo VR

Click HERE to be taken to YouTube to watch a 360 Adeo VR video

Virtual reality is a technology that’s gaining traction in the real estate marketplace.

The idea is visionary: allow homebuyers to experience a property in an immersive, realistic way with their mobile devices or virtual reality headsets. This could have big implications for the luxury market, in particular, where Realtors have to work hard to differentiate their properties and make them memorable to potential buyers (and there tends to be more marketing budget for tools like virtual reality).

A new Carrollton-based company called Adeo VR is launching in July with some truly cool technology with tons of applications for the luxury real estate market, but also useful as a marketing tool for any size property. Company co-founder Shawn Willis promises it will be “affordable for most agents, even though the target market for this product will likely be the luxury real estate market, because of the size of the homes.”

“This let’s people experience a space in a new way and it solves some real estate problems because it let’s buyers experience a home before they drive all over DFW,” Willis said. “The neat thing about the video is it gives people a way to view it on their smartphone or tablet without having to use a virtual reality headset.”

Buyers can experience virtual reality with these 360-degree videos, which can be viewed on Facebook or YouTube, by opening the video and moving their devices left, right, up, and down. Videos can also be viewed on a computer with Chrome or Firefox browsers (if you’re using any of these platforms, be sure to check out the video above!). They are also compatible with Google Cardboard and Samsung virtual reality gear.

“I think the Adeo VR technology is an amazing way to view the space of any home,” said David Maez, Broker and Co-Owner at VIVO Realty and consultant for Adeo VR. “You can use your mobile phone to view the home in virtual reality and it’s like you’re inside the home—this is a game changer and will be the standard for selling luxury property.”