9995 Hollow way ext front

It’s one of those cold, gloomy Monday mornings that turned into a perfect day. Kind of like this house. I had 100 plus peeps for barbecue last night, and whenever I entertain large groups it opens my mental vistas to floor and traffic patterns in homes that make party-giving more of a breeze: like 9995 Hollow Way in Preston Hollow. This home is like a peaceful retreat where you can still throw great parties on .90 acre with expansive interior windows that bring the outdoors in. That is particularly wonderful if you happen to have, say, 100 people coming and Mother Nature decides to open up and sprinkle away, as she did Sunday night. Sometimes the party just has to stay inside! (more…)

IHOTW Epping Lane

You have to BUY it first, of course!

I told you that Mike Modano had put his Epping Lane home on the market about the same time he sold his home with former wife Willa Ford on Mimosa. And I may have showed you the old photos of this house before the new Mrs. Mike Modano, the brilliant Allison, got her hands on it. And oh what a talent Allison has — look at how she has transformed this home into a soft, stunning, light bright palette of delicious hues, Carrera marble and the most tasteful fixtures.



You know those “NO” signs all over Preston Hollow? Maybe you’ll start seeing them out as far as Central Expressway and as far west as Webb’s Chapel. Laura Miller and Mitchell Rasansky, both former Dallas City Council persons, Rasansky 6 years on the Council, Laura Miller 4 plus a Mayoral term, now think folks who live along Northwest Highway ought to have a say. They contacted City Councilman Lee Kleinman, District 11, who is pitch-hitting for Jennifer Gates, District 13, who recused herself because of a conflict of interest,  to tell him he needs to expand the group scrutinizing the proposed Transwestern multi-family development at Preston and Northwest Highway to other neighborhood associations from Central Expressway to Stemmons. (Taking a breath, that sentence was about as long as Northwest Highway.) The following letter sent to Kleinman was also signed by John Carona, Steve Wolens, Will Hartnett, and Mike Cantrell. Miller apparently proposed a 600 people strong meeting to cover the entire Northwest Highway area and development. They want total community input on a master plan for the little strip of land Behind the Pink Wall. And they would like Kleinman to be there to listen. I spoke with Lee Kleinman. Stay tuned.

Letter from Councilman Lee Kleinmann


I wondered why it took so long to sell 6424 Mimosa, but then, I totally forgot that, about 14 months ago, we were in this thing called a MAJOR RECESSION.

Looks like 6424 Mimosa was listed last May — less than a year, not too bad actually, for a luxury-laden home.

So Mike just unloaded 6424 for $1,925,000. It had been reduced to $2,295,000. Listing agent was David Nichols over at Mathews-Nichols, and Dave Perry-Miller agent to the Stars (literally!) Julie Provenzano closed the home for the buyer on March 27. Which leads me to wonder if another Stars player bought it! Mike must be happy. The home is on 0.433 acre and features both sleek stone and hand-scraped wood floors, two staircases, fabulous formals, an oversized kitchen, temperature-controlled wine closet, a master bedroom suite with steam shower, three bedroom suites, a huge exercise room, a gameroom with wet bar and humidor, a backyard that is a total oasis with a putting green, brick gazebo with fireplace plus one of the most gorgeous saltwater pools I have ever seen.


8622 Diceman exterior

This home at 8622 Diceman is new to the market, and was actually built in 1997, unlike so many of it’s neighbors in Little Forest Hills. Newer as it is, she still retains a lot of charm and appeal and blends right into the quirky cottages that comprise LFH. (more…)

4923 Deloache ext

Are you a fan of blue and white? How about Chuck E. Cheese? Oh do I have the house for you!.

This home had me SCREAMING in delight when I saw it last week Friday. 4923 Deloache will give you all the excitement you need to stay up all night. After all, it’s just MONDAY! (more…)

photo by Hailey Ashmore

photo by Hailey Ashmore

Good one, Alan Peppard: this morning Alan helped me figure out a major piece of the Battle Behind the Pink Wall. I was pretty sure that Lisa Blue Baron, Dallas attorney extraordinaire and widow of Fred Baron, was the generous individual who hired attorney Michael Jung to represent the homeowners of the Preston Hollow East HOA and the Preston Hollow South. It just made sense.


4610 Wildwood poolWe know that sales of homes priced at $1 million plus are out of sight and up 53 percent in North Texas from a year ago. I think my message from Luxury Portfolio last month in Las Vegas was clear: luxury and multi-million dollar properties are not just alive but selling well.

Sales of modestly priced houses in the area have slowed down about 25% less than they were a year ago, according to Steve Brown, who also says overall sales by real estate agents are flat this year.