622 Mayrant Front

Wynnewood North is one of my favorite Oak Cliff neighborhoods, probably because it reminds me so much of East Dallas. Midcentury homes on large grassy lots lining quiet streets shaded by mature trees inhabited by kind, interesting people … who doesn’t want that?

And this home, a brand new listing from Melissa O’Brien with the Bleeker O’Brien Group at Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate is a stunning example of a cool remodel that really speaks to the neighborhood.

622 Mayrant Porch (more…)

914 Cordova extIf living in the South of France is not an option for you, we’ve found the next best thing. Our Friday Four Hundred is a truly stunning Hollywood Heights Tudor cottage, at 914 Cordova, that will make you think you’ve slipped into a designers Provencal farmhouse the moment you cross the threshold.


2220 Canton St. 102 Ext

The historic loft building at 2220 Canton is one of those keystone Farmers Market buildings that’s almost immediately recognizable as you drive toward the center of Downtown Dallas. Just past Good Latimer and near enough to Chavez that you’ll never really go hungry, this building is perfectly situated for those who want to be close to Deep Ellum and within shouting distance of the Central Business District.

It’s truly one of our favorite loft buildings, but we have yet to take a closer look at it from a ground-level perspective. Until today!

Unit 102 inside 2220 Canton just went on the market, and this beautiful loft has a spacious floor plan that is perfect for someone looking for a live/work space in a walkable neighborhood within a great building with stellar amenities.

2220 Canton St. 102 Rooftop Pool


6522 Royal Lane Front

A few years ago, there were great deals to be had all through the Preston Hollow and North Dallas area. Small single-story homes were being bought by builders for flipping or scraping, and the results were both incredible and horrifying.

Now, there are still new builds popping up left and right, but the pace isn’t as frenetic and teardowns are often giving way to thoughtful flips with smart upgrades.

And then, on some rare occasions, you can find homes that were untouched by the come-and-go parade of remodelers and contractors, and it is a trip to see them on the market. This one on Royal Lane near Hillcrest is a fabulous example of a great home that has wonderful original cabinetry with a large, grassy backyard — and it’s a value!


121 S. Clinton Front

There’s a slow smile unfurling across your face, isn’t there? I know that I can’t not smile when I see this sunny Craftsman Bungalow on S. Clinton. Located inside the Winnetka Heights Historic District in North Oak Cliff, you know that this home is going to have a lot of character. Happily, the daring color and quaint details transfer from the outside in.

121 S. Clinton Porch

You get a preview of that on this terribly, oppressively cute front porch. And you also get a preview of my favorite feature: The beautiful stained glass windows. It’s just so cheerful that you really can’t have a bad day with this house. Doesn’t that sound saccharine? It’s just how I feel, guys!


8646 San Leandro Front

You have probably already heard of the unofficial motto of Little Forest Hills, the hilly East Dallas Enclave that sits behind the Dallas Arboretum Parking Garage on Garland Road. It used to be that little signs demanding to “Keep Little Forest Hills Funky!” would line the curbs of this quaint little neighborhood. It, like most close-in Dallas neighborhoods, has seen a rash of teardowns that were replaced with somewhat homogenous architecture or McMansions that filled the whole lot, leaving very little “forest” in Little Forest Hills.

After that, more and more signs popped up, decrying overly large homes (Keep Little Forest Hills Little!) and the overuse of pesticides (No Spraying! Protect the Bees!). Truly, if there were ever any part of Dallas that feels like Austin, it’s brave and outspoken Little Forest Hills with its colorful collection of cottages. This little home, which just underwent renovation, stay true to the neighborhood’s character without losing sight of what makes a home marketable. Yes, “funky” is fine, but it doesn’t sell all too well.

Jump to find out more about this cute listing from Realtor Vicki White.

10254 Better Dr. Front

The sellers of this adorable Midway Hills ranch but quite a bit of thought and a lot of work into updating this home, and it shows. Besides the obvious curb appeal, this home is like a Transformer — there’s more than meets the eye.

First off, let’s just have a word about the fabulous neighborhood this cute 1950s traditional is in. Midway Hills is home to the Disney Streets, which is one of our favorite neighborhoods. That area is just a treasure trove of midcentury modern architecture, and even some cool Austin stone traditionals. It’s become a favorite among builders and remodelers, too, because of it’s great location — smack-dab in the middle of Midway and Marsh, just south of Merrell — and the large lots.

This home, marketed by Lindsay Thomas, sits on more than a third of an acre on Better Drive with expansive, grassy front and backyards. And inside, it’s a wonderfully relaxed traditional with some fantastic and thoughtful improvements.


Uptown 2888 Woodside 102 Courtyard

When people scour Uptown for the perfect condo, there are usually a few considerations that hit every shopper’s list. The first is always — ALWAYS — location. What use is an Uptown condo if it’s not close to the things you love about Uptown? No use, friends. No use at all.

Second is amenities. Is there a pool? Security? Storage? Parking? Hand-in-hand with this is item 2B: HOA fees. Are they reasonable considering the amenities?

And falling third on the list is size. How big of a unit can I get for my money? What’s the price per square foot?

This is where the pool of units starts to evaporate into a puddle.

But lucky for our readers, we’ve spotted an excellent unit inside the Manor at State Thomas that does a great job of covering all of these bases.

Uptown 2885 Woodside 102 Courtyard entrance