Does an oath of office stand for anything nowadays? Ashley Stanley wonders in her latest column on the John Wiley Price public corruption trial.

By Ashley Stanley
Special Contributor

Your Honor, May I Approach The Witness?

I promised a commenter on the last blog post I would attend the trial and report back, so I did. And on that note, I gave my word. Does that mean anything anymore? Can someone say one thing and do another? I digress.


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[Editor’s Note: This is the third installment of this series. Find the first and second installments here and here, respectively.]

By Ashley Stanley
Special Contributor


During a lazy Sunday afternoon, I decided to pick up the 107-page indictment filed by the feds on July 23, 2014, and provide my thoughts. I didn’t know this case was against anyone other than John Wiley Price. Call me ignorant, but it also includes two consultants and a Dallas County employee. Talk about taking your “friends” down with you.

The indictment points out that Price took an oath in which he swore and affirmed things, “So help me God.” What does that mean? Can that be argued? What if he held his right hand up and had his left hand fingers crossed behind his back? Can he be held to the promise to preserve, protect, and defend anything?


John Wiley Price's trial is held in Chief U.S. District Court Judge Barbara Lynn's courtroom inside the Earle Cabell Federal Building.

John Wiley Price’s trial is held in Chief U.S. District Court Judge Barbara Lynn’s courtroom inside the Earle Cabell Federal Building.

By Ashley Stanley
Special Contributor

For the first installment in this series, click here.

The morning didn’t go as planned. I was hoping to be at the courthouse at 7:45 a.m., remember? It was more like 9:03 a.m. I ended up taking care of other business matters, but nonetheless, made it to the Earle Cabell Federal Building in time to be second in line. Meaning if someone comes out, I go in.

It is not standing-room only. Chief U.S. District Court Judge Barbara Lynn does not want anyone standing except for the security officer monitoring the door. You either have a seat, or you wait outside on a wooden bench. I benched it for 20 minutes until I snagged my opportunity. I made it in. However, while I was waiting outside the courtroom, I overhead two attorneys negotiating (nothing to do with the trial). It went a bit like this:


According to DCAD, John Wiley Price owns this home at 406 E. 5th Street in North Oak Cliff.

According to DCAD (and the SUV out front), John Wiley Price owns this home at 406 E. 5th Street in North Oak Cliff.

By Ashley Stanley
Special Contributor

Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price has been active in our community for more than four decades. It has been said that his extracurricular activities include “The Dallas County Community Leadership Luncheon,” nightly host of KKDA’s “Talk Back, Liberation Radio,” and a drive time radio crusade known as Liberation Nation KNON 89.3,” but they forgot to include corruption charges by the federal government of the United States of America.



Courtesy Fox4 News Dallas

The tragic gunning down of a woman in an Uptown parking garage last evening, a garage residents say was accessible only with a fob key, has now garnered a bit of national attention via the New York Daily News. 

The murder has the luxury apartment community (and a lot of single women in Uptown) on edge. Witnesses said the killer was wearing a mask and drove away in a black Jeep Cherokee —

“We saw the lady laying down next to her car on the floor, and then the cops showed up,” said a man who did not want to be identified. “My son, he was telling me that a black Jeep Cherokee drove by… a guy with a mask put a bullet in her and just drove off.”

It will be interesting to see how well the building’s security cameras help police find the killer, and how quickly. One more homicide to add to the City’s tally.


Photo by: Ann Marie Marthens

Photo by: Ann Marie Marthens

Ann Marie Marthens has a two bedroom charmer in Highland Park she is leasing for $3,000 a month. Nestled on Abbott Avenue, it’s close to Armstrong Elementary and within walking distance to all the fun on Knox/Henderson and the Katy Trail.

As the property owner, she listed it on Trulia, as well as mentioned its availability on the Park Cities Online Yard Sale group on Facebook a few days ago – and then something weird happened. (more…)

Photo: Dallas Police Department

Note to would-be thieves: Pretty much everyone has at least one camera aimed at the entry points for their home nowadays. They’re not that expensive, and are easy to install. Armed with that knowledge, maybe try a new line of work?

That being said, the alleged porch parcel thieves that were targeting holiday packages left by delivery trucks have been caught. At least, one set of them, any way. Meet Priscilla Castaneda and Jessie Dominguez. According to Dallas police, several people called in to say they recognized Castaneda from the videos plastered all over social media, local news stations and the newspaper. From there, police were able to find a pawn shop she had done business with, who in turn reportedly told police that she had been in that day trying to pawn the very smoker (still in the box) that she was allegedly seen carrying off in one video. She was even reportedly wearing the same outfit (btw, Roger Staubach probably doesn’t approve, lady). Today she got a rather unwanted birthday present – her arrest.

Dominguez was caught today as well, allegedly smoking a joint in plain sight, and with a whole lot of property for the police to catalog sitting in the back of the Ford Explorer that also starred in the videos, police said. Dominguez also reportedly confessed to some thefts in Highland Park, as well.

Both suspects are now at Lew Sterrett.

However, they are not the only Christmas grinches out there. The same homeowner who took the video of Castaneda, Missy Clinchy, also found that another theft occurred earlier this month, by a different individual – this time the perp is a bald man driving a light colored sedan.

Dallas police offer the following tips for avoiding the theft of your packages:

  • Request from the seller or shipper that a signature is required for delivery so that your package is not left at your front door unattended.
  • Request that the seller or shipper ship your package to an alternate address such as your office.
  • Request that the shipper hold your package at their distribution center for your pick-up.

Amazon now offers Amazon Locker, which allows you to ship to a specific, secure site for pick up, and it looks like there are plenty throughout the city. Many major retailers also offer ship to store, which allows you to pick up at the customer service counter of the store, as well.

Porch Thief 1

Thanks to inexpensive security cameras, we now have some video of at least one of the thieves that is hitting homes in Midway Hollow and Preston Hollow, stealing Christmas packages right off the front porch. In this video, Ken and Missy Clinchy recorded a thief stealing Christmas gifts off their front porch in the 3900 block of Lively Lane.