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Modern and affordable, Buzz Lofts in the southern Dallas neighborhood of The Cedars are a popular choice for those who want loft living south of downtown Dallas.

Condos are hot and getting hotter, according to the Texas Condominium Mid-Year Sales Report from the Texas Association of Realtors. Statewide, condo sales rose an average of 10.5 percent year-over-year between the months of January and May of 2014. In San Antonio condo sales were up 18 percent, followed by Austin at 14 percent, Houston at 6 percent and Dallas at 4 percent.


Athena exteriorYou know all about the fracas Behind the Pink Wall, the “No” signs all over Preston Hollow. And you know that former Mayor Laura Miller (and former City Councilman Mitchell Rasanksy, both of whom live in Preston Hollow) have asked Jennifer Gates to get another proxy beside City Councilman Lee Kleinman because he isn’t “willing to listen enough” to homeowners who live up and down Northwest Highway who are concerned about increased traffic from this project, homeowners from as far away as Central and Midway Hollow. (more…)

NO-to-Transwestern-DealA few weeks ago we told you that Laura Miller, Mitchell Rasansky and a bevy of Preston Hollow  ”VIPs” had joined the debate over a multi-family complex in the early works over at Preston and Northwest Highway, Behind the Pink Wall. This development is the source of all the “No” signs cropping up in Preston Hollow as far east as Hillcrest, as far west as Midway Hollow, and as far north as Forest.

Well, now Miller, that is former Dallas Mayor Laura Miller, has taken it one step further. She WROTE an email to Jennifer Gates asking her to replace Kleinman, claiming he is unwilling to meet with Jennifer’s constituents. Well, she didn’t say he was “unwilling”: she said appoint someone who is MORE willing: (more…)

The Bonadventure pondSeems like we are walking down Dallas Memory Lane, what with the loss of Margaret Crow.

Does the name Ray and Clare Stern ring a bell? They were a long time Dallas power couple. Ray “Thunder” Stern was a famous wrestler and self-made man. Born in Brooklyn as Walter Bookbinder, he grew up the son of a cab driver and a homemaker in a small flat with one bathroom for eight family members. Later, his wrestling successes brought him fame and fortune. He moved to California and met Joe Gold of Gold’s Gym fame, probably providing his first encouragement at opening his own gyms. Stern was a pioneer in the health club field, and opened America’s first co-ed gym in San Francisco with his second wife, Clare. It was the first health club concept with a nursery so parents could exercise. (more…)

Workers demolish derelict apartments on Kings Road to make room for a new high-density Dallas Housing Authority development.

Workers demolish derelict apartments on Kings Road to make room for a new high-density Dallas Housing Authority development.

Mike Harper and his fellow Oak Lawn neighbors, the voices behind the RezoningDHA website, worked hard to raise awareness among homeowners when the Dallas Housing Authority submitted a rezoning request for its Kings Road project. And thanks to their persistence and the hard work and consensus building of Dallas City Councilman Adam Medrano, DHA officials were able to work with neighbors to reduce the size of the development and decrease the impact of the public housing project on nearby properties.


VP 01/03/14I caught up with Faisal Halum Monday on his very first day as a Briggs-Freeman Sotheby’s senior vice president. Faisal and his assistant, Michael Mahon, left Allie Beth Allman where Faisal was a top producer on the Mathews-Nichols team. But Faisal, who I always think of in terms of luxury high rise real estate sales in Dallas and Uptown — he recently sold off Angie Barrett’s One Arts Plaza home — is not just about selling stunningly gorgeous high rises. But he did coordinate residential sales efforts for the One Arts Plaza condo development, which sold out. (more…)

MuseumTowerClientGiftieWe have asked Realtors to share stories of how many units they are selling at Museum Tower to satisfy media queries. Many are too busy closing to reply, but we did catch up with broker Katie Aspen who shared her secret client’s gift with us: a selection of her buyer’s favorite bubbly bottles with two glasses waiting on their new kitchen counter. Katie’s buyers just closed on a two bedroom with study unit. Sales at Museum Tower have picked up since the building’s unprecedented buy-back guarantee, which ended December 31. Now sales are cooking at about 2 or 3 per month, completely on target. And the building is edging from 25% sold up to 30.

Cannot imagine a more BUBBLY way to say, “welcome to your new home.” Katie, does every client get this treatment? Or only at Museum Tower?