Jordan Spieth

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Here is Jordan SpiethNo. 2 in the Official World Golf Ranking, getting his coveted green jacket. So proud of this guy! He graduated from Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas, though I have heard an unconfirmed rumor (which is why it’s a rumor) he spent some time at St Mark’s.

Jordan went to the University of Texas at Austin, left midway through his sophomore year in 2013, and started playing pro golf. He learned to play golf as a wee one at Brookhaven Country Club, where his family, who lives in Midway Hills, still belongs. He’s got the gift!

This weekend, the humble and most gentlemanly young man from Dallas graduated to major golf champion on the sport’s biggest stage. The 21-year-old held off strong runs and swings from the world’s best players. On Sunday, he became the world’s second-youngest golfer to claim the highly coveted green jacket. Tiger Woods was the first in 1997.

The University of Texas even burned UT tower orange in his honor Sunday night.

Magnificent Old Preston Hollow beauty with exquisite amenities!

Somewhere in the Preston Hollow neighborhood of Dallas, near Bluffview

Jordan Spieth lives in Dallas, and we have told you that his Uptown townhome is on the market for $1,285,000. And that he bought a new, 7,378-square-foot stone mansion for $2.2ish in Preston Hollow, near Bluffview. Jump to see photos of Jordan Spieth’s townhome!  (more…)

Durst Houston condo ext

Ed Eakin is a Dallas-based broker and Realtor, who works both in Dallas and Houston. In 2013 he came back to Dallas to focus on Metro-area real estate. He started his own brokerage this past year. His niche, however, is selling beach property.

Ed sold Durst this Houston condo at 2520 Robin Hood, unit #801 for $437,000 in 2011. Just four years ago. The two bedroom, two and a half bath unit was Ed’s listing when he was director of sales for Personette & Co. When Ed sold him this listing, Durst also owned another unit in the building, 2520 Robin Hood at Kirby. Durst said he was going to list his older unit with Ed, but he never did.

“To my knowledge, it was never listed,” said Ed.

Unit 801, which Durst still owns, had about $360,000 in upgrades, $60,000 alone in the master bath. This condo was perfect as far as detail, says Ed, as it had just been completely redone by an owner flush with cash.

Did Durst quibble over price, I asked Ed?  A little. The unit had been listed originally for $469,000. Durst’s  was a cash purchase, no financing. Happened quick. Ed says Durst came to look at the placet, said “this is the nicest unit in the whole building,” and bought it. The high rise is one of Houston’s more tired complexes, but #801 had been remodeled to the nines.

“During our discussion, he told me he likes to buy and sell real estate,” says Ed. “Said he’d come back and purchase more from me. But shortly after this time, January of 2012, I began phasing my business to Dallas.”

Ed Eakin (more…)

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If 7 a.m. was too early for you (sometimes we just can’t even move before 8 a.m., so we understand) have a look at Candy’s spot on this morning’s Today show. The NBC website has the full segment on Linda Zavallos, the Dallas Realtor who dated Robert Durst, the subject of HBO’s documentary series called “The Jinx.”  The story has also been picked up by the LA Times and even People Magazine.

Robert Durst letter

Ebby’s Linda Walker Zevallos was going through a divorce in the late 1990′s, before she got into Real Estate. She went to New York City for a national newspaper convention. She flew back to Dallas first class and sat right next to the man now on suicide watch in New Orleans and suspected of murdering three people, including one in Galveston whose body was meticulously dismembered. Linda sat right next to Robert Durst.

“I asked if I could read his newspaper once he had finished it,” she said. “He said of course. Then we started to talk. We talked about my divorce. He was very nice but he did say one weird thing,”

That weird thing was advising Linda to break into her estranged husband’s office to steal his financials for the divorce.

On the plane he also told Linda a friend of his ex-wife was missing. (more…)


Robert Durst, the New York Real Estate scion who may finally be charged with at least three murders, lived in Dallas for at least a year at The Centrum in Oak Lawn.

Durst was “the oldest son and heir apparent to a real estate magnate father, and grew up in privilege outside New York City, according to the New York Times. He was passed over for the presidency of the Durst Organization in 1994 in favor of his younger brother Douglas, but he remained a wealthy real estate mogul.”

Douglas Durst, estranged for years from Robert, described his brother to the New York Times as brilliant, disturbed and dangerous. He said his brother had come to his house with guns and wanted to kill him. He also said Robert was removed from the line of succession after urinating in a wastebasket.

Durst  was arrested in New Orleans last week and extradited Monday — looks like justice may finally be coming after the airing of a documentary on Durst:Centrum 3 (more…)

Adrian Peterson

The word is that the running back extraordinaire came in on a chartered jet to Love Field, was met by an agent, and then set off to house hunt. Like here in the Dallas area. We are wondering if y’all have heard anything about this, or know which homes he might have taken a gander at. (We’ve got a few selections.) Peterson is from Palestine, Texas and has a home in Houston. Comment lines are wide open. And y’all have my email.

As you know, the Minnesota Vikings may look at the trade or release of Adrian Peterson this offseason. IF he ends up leaving Minnesota, other teams are looking at picking him up. Like the Dallas Cowboys.


It was back in January of 2013 that Tom and Cinda Hicks first shocked us by listing their 25 acre Preston Hollow estate, also known as the Crespi Estate, for $135 million with Doug Newby. That price tag sure garnered a lot of attention from the folks at places like Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, and pretty much everywhere. Lots of attention for being the priciest house in the US for awhile, but it never garnered any buyers. Newby always seemed to have the estate front and center on Private Air Luxury Homes Magazine. He even lowered the price to $98 million. Rumors were circulating for weeks before and after Christmas that the listing was changing hands. I know the Hicks spoke to Briggs-Freeman Sotheby’s as well as other top agents in town. The pricing advice on the home from these other agents was not accepted. Dallas is a hot market, and the Hicks want to sell their estate to downsize, enjoy their other homes, and not be so tied down to the annoying management of 25 acres.  (more…)