VoncielJonesHillpool.jpgby Eric NicholsonPhoto courtesy of Eric Nicholson, The Dallas Observer

I was outside yesterday for a little bit, trying to put in a basil garden for maybe an hour. Came in and was so bitten up I had to get out the cortisone cream. I cannot recall mosquitos biting in mid-day! No doubt they are way more than vicious this year, and we are taking every pre-caution, including stocking cans of insect repellant at every door to ward off West Nile Virus.

So I see this morning, thanks to Eric Nicholson at The Dallas Observer, that some of our intrepid city leaders are doing their best to HOST West Nile. Make it feel as welcome as the contingent of mayors who visited recently. (Who I hope used mosquito repellant!) Eric posts a photo of Dallas City Councilwoman Vonciel Hill’s swimming pool which is, bluntly, a cesspool. Here’s what he says: (more…)

Realestalker mceWestlake-CA-12.10-040You remember Mama, right? Here I am with her in L.A. a few years ago. Mama is the pen name of Mark David, who pioneered the concept of blogging about real estate, his (her’s) having a distinctive voice and opinion as he chronicles the ever-amazing homes of the rich, famous, and celebs. I loved Mark’s work from the start, in fact, I could call him my mentor! He totally inspired me to start chronicling real estate on a local level, first at DallasDirt then here at CandysDirt.com. As America’s upper tier grew and their bank accounts fattened, it was Mark who kept a sharp eye on how they spent (over-spent) their money on housing with a definite opinion about tastes. (more…)

10660 Strait Lane overviewThe Statler Hilton, The Stoneleigh, and more than 40 residential developments in North Texas, Austin, Houston and San Antonio, are not the only properties owned by developer Mehrdad Moaydi and his vast land-snatching Centurion Development Company.

Yesterday, Mehrdad closed on Phil Romano’s gorgeous 10660 Strait Lane that has been on the market since about 2004, most of that time with Allie Beth Allman agent extraordinaire Doris Jacobs. The spread was originally listed for $17.5 million, but had been reduced to $10 million. It’s definitely a milestone for the man who started his development company in the 1980′s and learned the construction business moving dirt, pouring and laying concrete.  (more…)

Baron estateThursday, Lisa Blue Baron’s palatial Preston Road estate goes into the MLS as the Mathews-Nichols team begins their marketing blitz to sell what will be the most expensive home ON THE MLS MARKET in Dallas.

We heard today the asking price will be $37.5 million. Yes, I know that the Hicks are still marketing the Crespi Estate through Doug Newby, at least last time I looked they were, for $135 million. So yes, the Hicks estate is still the most expensive home on the market in Dallas if you include off-market listings. (It even made the cover of Private Air Magazine!) In fact, it’s one of the most expensive homes on the market in the entire country. Mt. Vernon is still available,too, just not in MLS for now. 4009 West Lawther is $19,000,000.  (more…)

Baron estateY’all, we have a new high in Dallas Real Estate listings starting today!

Thank you, darling Alan Peppard, for getting word out that, after much deliberation, Lisa Baron has settled on $37.5 million as asking price for her 15,254 square foot Robert A.M. Stern designed palatial estate on the southwest corner of Preston Road and Deloache in the heart of Preston Hollow. The home is on 8.98 acres. Recall that Alan first reported in March that Lisa is moving to Washington, D.C.where she will be heading up the  American Association for Justice, formerly the Association of Trial Lawyers of America.  She made the tough decision to sell her beloved home, which was “a labor of love for my husband,” she told me. (more…)

5233 Stonegate extI had word of this transaction back in early December, when the extensive feng sui landscaping and stone work first started on this Inwood Terrace/Bluffview house. But everyone in this transaction was oh so very, “I’ve signed a confidentiality” mum about who the new owner might be. Some famous baseball player, that was the rumor. I knew Darvish, a resident at the Residences at the Ritz Carlton, was looking for bigger digs and checked out many Preston Hollow homes, as well as the new, glorious townhomes at the Ritz. Stonegate was in MLS from April 2, 2013 to November 1, 2o13. Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s fantastic Lisa Besserer was the listing agent.

Then it went off market and — silence. (more…)

8915 Douglas ext 2I cannot believe that this home is still, STILL, on the market. The agent, Karen Luter, is one of the hardest working agents in town, a genius who has marketed her fingers to the bone for 8915 Douglas. It’s the home of a Dallas icon for Lord’s sake, and now it has been reduced AGAIN to $2,799,999 from an original high of $3,300,000, which had been lowered to $2,990,999. I mean, what gives. Brian Hagan tells me that dirt is now running at $2,500,000 per acre in the honeypot. This property backs to the Dallas North Tollway has one house buffering it from the North Dallas Tollway, but you are getting 1.050 acres, so who cares? Located on a delicious part of Douglas your neighbors are: Angel Rangel, Baxter Brinkman x three, Lawrence Wolfish, and EyeMart Express honcho Dr.  Douglas Barnes, who has the best-looking grass on the street. It’s fake, and I love it! (more…)

Athena exteriorYou know all about the fracas Behind the Pink Wall, the “No” signs all over Preston Hollow. And you know that former Mayor Laura Miller (and former City Councilman Mitchell Rasanksy, both of whom live in Preston Hollow) have asked Jennifer Gates to get another proxy beside City Councilman Lee Kleinman because he isn’t “willing to listen enough” to homeowners who live up and down Northwest Highway who are concerned about increased traffic from this project, homeowners from as far away as Central and Midway Hollow. (more…)