Linda Gray, star of our beloved “Dallas” series, shows off her Dallas condo for CLOSER Weekly magazine/site. It’s pretty clear from the balcony shot where she lives: Museum Tower! Her two-bedroom, two-bath home is just beautiful, and Linda says she loves being in such a clean-lined living space: (more…)

3417 Villanova ext

The thing about buying a home from a super sports star like, say, Jose Calderon, is that when a guy has a #28 million contract, you just know he’s not going to skimp out on anything in his home. Like, those light fixtures are definitely not from the Home Depot, so sir.

I present to you the magnifique Santa Barbara styled palace of Jose Calderon, former Dallas Maverick who is now playing for the New York Knicks. Too bad he has to unload this vavavavoom at 3417 Villanova in University Park. Listed for a mere $2,495,000, this California delight is marketed by Jamie Adams, agent to the sports star world, at Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International real estate. (more…)


Linda - 1271 Mitch - 1294Brenda - 1360Patrick - 1360Emma - 1361Josh - 1361Julie - 1361Jesse - 1361Jordana - 1373

Spoilers ahead! If you haven’t watched TNT’s Dallas mid-season premier yet, which launched Monday night, you may want to just look at all the pretty pictures.

To find out this amazing home on Southfork Road, jump!

4005 Southfork Front


The Terrace

What is this? It’s a public document called a Rescission of Substitute Trustee’s Sale and Cancellation of Substitute Trustee’s Deed. It shows that Kathy Nealy apparently bought or got her Victory condo unit at The Terrace back into her ownership after it was sold to PHH Mortgage on August 9, 2013. The mortgage default was rescinded on December 13, 2013, signed by Kathy on January 9, 2014 and notarized by John Wiley Price on January 28, 2014.

Yet in DCAD, the ownership of unit 216 at The Terrace House, 2323 North Houston, is still listed as the Federal National Mortgage Association. Huh.

I called Cheryl Jordan over at the Dallas County Appraisal District, who tells me DCAD picks up whatever is filed at the Dallas County Clerk’s office.

“We look at warranty deeds filed,” she says, “we can’t look at every court document filed, unless someone brings it to our attention.”

Well, now it’s now been brought to their attention.


The Terrace


Recall it was almost one year ago to the day when we heard that all of Kathy Nealy’s financial troubles were the fault of the FBI? We posted photos of a similar Terrace House condo, unit 616, to the one Kathy Nealy lost to tax foreclosure last August — 2323 North Houston, Suite 216. Commenters gave me grief for saying the condo would sell for $300,000 to $350,000.

Well, they still may be right, but it hasn’t sold yet.  A Realist AVM values the two bedroom, two bath unit somewhere between $242,865 and $396,253. (more…)

VoncielJonesHillpool.jpgby Eric NicholsonPhoto courtesy of Eric Nicholson, The Dallas Observer

I was outside yesterday for a little bit, trying to put in a basil garden for maybe an hour. Came in and was so bitten up I had to get out the cortisone cream. I cannot recall mosquitos biting in mid-day! No doubt they are way more than vicious this year, and we are taking every pre-caution, including stocking cans of insect repellant at every door to ward off West Nile Virus.

So I see this morning, thanks to Eric Nicholson at The Dallas Observer, that some of our intrepid city leaders are doing their best to HOST West Nile. Make it feel as welcome as the contingent of mayors who visited recently. (Who I hope used mosquito repellant!) Eric posts a photo of Dallas City Councilwoman Vonciel Hill’s swimming pool which is, bluntly, a cesspool. Here’s what he says: (more…)

Realestalker mceWestlake-CA-12.10-040You remember Mama, right? Here I am with her in L.A. a few years ago. Mama is the pen name of Mark David, who pioneered the concept of blogging about real estate, his (her’s) having a distinctive voice and opinion as he chronicles the ever-amazing homes of the rich, famous, and celebs. I loved Mark’s work from the start, in fact, I could call him my mentor! He totally inspired me to start chronicling real estate on a local level, first at DallasDirt then here at As America’s upper tier grew and their bank accounts fattened, it was Mark who kept a sharp eye on how they spent (over-spent) their money on housing with a definite opinion about tastes. (more…)

10660 Strait Lane overviewThe Statler Hilton, The Stoneleigh, and more than 40 residential developments in North Texas, Austin, Houston and San Antonio, are not the only properties owned by developer Mehrdad Moaydi and his vast land-snatching Centurion Development Company.

Yesterday, Mehrdad closed on Phil Romano’s gorgeous 10660 Strait Lane that has been on the market since about 2004, most of that time with Allie Beth Allman agent extraordinaire Doris Jacobs. The spread was originally listed for $17.5 million, but had been reduced to $10 million. It’s definitely a milestone for the man who started his development company in the 1980′s and learned the construction business moving dirt, pouring and laying concrete.  (more…)