Mariposa del Lago | Fort Worth, TX | Luxury Real Estate

Mariposa del Lago | Fort Worth, TX | Luxury Real Estate

I have to give Candace Carlisle credit, though, because she called up John and asked him what went down with the auction that didn’t happen. That’s called reporting!

“We decided not to go through with the structured sell or auction, and we got an unsolicited offer along the way that didn’t end up making, and so we took some time to chill and enjoy the property,” Goff told the Dallas Business Journal.

We posted this $5.9 listing back on May 24. It is going to be very interesting to see how this fares. I mean, if anyone there can sell it, John Zimmerman can. But if anyone can auction it, Concierge Auction can. Which reminds me: there is a hot new auction house coming to town I have to tell you about! Not enough hours in the day to tell you all these stories!

Anyhow, two VIP Dallas brokers were involved in the auction sale, Kyle Crews and Daylon Pereira, and they came very, very close bringing in that unsolicited offer that happened right before the auction. But then it didn’t happen. That’s Real Estate. There is also a clue to how very hard this transaction is going to be in Candace’s opening paragraph:

Billionaire John Goff has put his family retreat alongside Eagle Mountain Lake in Fort Worth on the market after he decided not to sell it after putting it on the auction block last fall. Even though it’s back on the market, he’s not necessarily anxious to sell it.

I hope the Goffs are enjoying Mariposa this holiday weekend. And I just wanted you all to know we are not sitting on our gluts here at… jump for the full article we published in May:

Mariposa del Lago | Fort Worth, TX | Luxury Real Estate

Mariposa del Lago | Fort Worth, TX | Luxury Real Estate


3900 Miramar ext

Dallas Cowboys CEO Stephen Jones, son of Jerry and Gene, and wife Karen Gayle (Hickman), have listed their 10,543 square foot home, simply stunning, on a super desire-able corner lot, to sell with Allie Beth Allman. The price tag is a whopping $11.5 million, the location one of the very best in Highland Park: 3900 Miramar.

The home is  a stately Georgian built in 1996. But don’t let those Potomac River-esque dentils fool you. 3900 Miramar has been updated to the max with the very best of everything. And I love the juxtaposition of classic with clean. Karen Jones’ soft neutral touch in interior decor blows this house up and and out to AT&T Stadium in Arlington in terms of polish.

But before we go into the delicacies of the house, wanted to draw your attention to this little blurb in 24/7 WallStreet, a financial news and opinion site which claims its articles “are republished by many of the largest news sites and portals, including MSN Money, Yahoo! Finance, MarketWatch,, USAToday, and The Huffington Post.”

I knew of the listing, of course, but had to chuckle when I saw it written up on this site:

3900 Miramar pool area

The house sits in Highland Park, which has a number of multi-million dollar homes. The neighborhood is just north of Dallas, about 25 miles from AT&T Stadium where the Cowboys play. At least Jones does not have a brutal commute.


Hicks Walnut Place

Recently I had the chance to talk to someone who sells homes — pricey vacation homes –to uber high net worth individuals. I mentioned that there were more rich people today than ever.

No, he told me, actually there are fewer rich people today, but they just have more money now. Indeed, he said, the recession helped the very rich become very, very rich because they were in the position to acquire the cast-offs of the formerly rich as they jumped from having to lose vacation homes or primary homes or auction off assets they could no longer afford.

Now The Real Deal tells us there are more properties with $100 million plus price tags than ever before on the world market. And it’s a big problem because they are not moving.

There are a record 27 properties with nine-figure prices for sale, this according to Christie’s International Real Estate.


A $250 million NYC condo? Rendering of 220 Central Park South (credit: Vornado via Curbed), Steve Roth and floor plan of $250 million condo (credit: E.B. Solomont for The Real Deal)



703 Kessler Woods trail extLast night’s second episode of Real Housewives of Dallas included some realities about the Dallas real estate market, and a clue to why so many are moving here: our homes, while notching up in value and pricing for a native’s pocketbook, are seen as the most affordable abodes on the planet to those from uber pricey places like California and New York.

Oh and a cameo appearance by my

Last night, RHOD Tiffany Hendra (a beautiful girl!) continued her saga of trying to plant roots in Texas, since she and her “Australian rocker husband”, Aaron Hendra, moved back to Dallas to be near her family. I loved it when Tiffany said that if she hadn’t gone to Fred Segal one too many times, she could practically “buy a small mansion here in Dallas with cash.” Ha! If only that were the case!

Tiffany heads down to 703 Kessler Woods Trail to look at a listing long since sold — filming was last year, recall — with cowboy hat wearing Mia Vincent, who is a Certified Real Estate Negotiator.703 Kessler Woods Trail ext front




Update: Just found out that Paquin was seen in a purple robe and quite blonde so good, that will make her look more like a Dallas woman!

Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Real estate agent Todd Terry, son of Ellen, is also an actor, as I think we may have mentioned to you here a couple times. And he snagged a role in that ABC pilot produced by Reese Witherspoon that filmed here last week, “Broken”, a show that centers on a ruthless Dallas divorce attorney whose life begins to unravel when her emotionally damaged, love-addicted sister resurfaces. (Did anyone go to Hockaday? HPHS?) Long hidden family secrets are uncloaked and dug up. The character, played by brunette Anna Paquin, apparently has some skeletons in her very large master closet. (No wonder they were filming at Champ D’Or!) She also has made a fortune off “the heartbreak of wealthy Texans”.

Well, Todd plays Leo Cline. The writers won’t let him tell us much more than that, but I think he’s going to kill it: this script sounds like a hit. Except that I think Paquin’s character should be a Dallas blonde, obviously. Get some bleach.4001-Turtle-Creek-ext-575x373 (more…)

23 master closet


M Closet

Definition of a serious closet? Having a staircase!

Definition of a serious closet? Having a staircase!

Champ chanel closet

Famous Chanel closet at Champ D’Or

Calling all North Texas Realtors and home sellers. You need to clean out your closets. You really do. I have no doubt your agent has told you they want that master closet 2/3rds less full when that house is shown, right? Don’t fret, we all have too many clothes. Raise your hand if there are dresses in your closet with tags still on that you have never worn? (Guilty!) Those clothes have to go somewhere, and  we have the perfect place for them to go: a fashion show!

Where was I the other day that I ran into the beautiful Carmaleta Whiteley, who is chairing The Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary Fashion Show & Luncheon — “Twenty-five Years of Giving” — on May 2? Was it the ULI dinner? (Carmaleta was in commercial real estate for years.) Or was it that event for Bella homes on March 23? In any case, Carmaleta alerted me to the fact that they had not received as many fashion donations this year as they have in year’s past.

What? With all those giant closets in Dallas? (more…)

4001 Turtle Creek flm 2

Last night, if I had not known better, I might have thought Charles Manson had escaped to Texas and landed at 4001 Turtle Creek Blvd. This was the scene on the corner, and the side street was closed off. But then I remembered how Barry Lacina had called last month seeking a location to shoot a Reese Witherspoon pilot for ABC called “Broken”.


Today the shooting is happening up at Champ d’Or in Hickory Creek. Couple days up there and then it’s a wrap. (more…)

4500 Preston Rd extSo it was that very first asset purchase of apartments in Waco, Texas, little old Waco, that ultimately landed Beal the keys to the two most expensive homes in Dallas.

Looking at my most favorite site in the whole wide world, the Dallas Central Appraisal District — you know I scan it 24/7 — I see that the estate of the late Margaret Crow at 4500 Preston Road has changed ownership. It is now owned by “The Trust,” which has an address of 6000 Legacy Drive. The deed transfer took place on February 26, last month.

6000 Legacy Drive? Why, that’s the corporate offices of Beal Bank!  As in Andy Beal, the wealthiest man in Dallas according to Forbes. The billionaire who just snapped up the Hicks estate, the most expensive home in Dallas and likely Texas. I had been told he was shopping both properties and, just like when I cannot choose between two pairs of Jimmy Choos or Louboutins, I think Beal just bought BOTH of them! Two of the most amazing properties in Dallas!

The appraised value of the Crow home, which had been listed with Allie Beth Allman, is $24,265,480. The listing expired November 17, 2015. Last asking price was $46,000,000 for 6.13 acres in the prime part of Highland Park, with a 9500 plus square foot home of the utmost elegance.

In January, Andy Beal bought the $100 million priced Hicks-Crespi-Walnut Place estate at 10000 Hollow Way Road. The Hicks property is now owned by “The Daria Drive Trust” under the name of Jacob Cherner, founder and chief executive at CSG Investments at… 6000 Legacy Drive in Plano. The appraised value of the former Hicks estate, by the way, is now $41,274,000 on the 20 acre plot of land, then $3,082,500 on 2.466 acres. Which means Beal likely did not pay $100,000,000 for the whole estate (are those enough zeros?).

I LOVE the way this man buys dirt!

Map of 6000 Legacy Dr, Plano, TX 75024