937 N. Windomere Front

Kings Highway is practically unrecognizable from a decade ago. A historic conservation district in North Oak Cliff that borders Winnetka Heights and the greater Kessler Park area, it’s a treasure trove of old homes, and those diamonds were pretty rough a while back.

But as people saw the value in these older, well-built Craftsman and prairie homes, reinvestment grew. Now Kings Highway is a very popular conservation district. Still, it’s hard to convince buyers to take on a 100-year-old property and their many quirks.

“My team provided an example project that others in the neighborhood could emulate,” said owner Christian Chernock, “where you don’t have to tear down an entire home and rebuild with something that dramatically changes the scale and charm of the neighborhood in order to get modern amenities and luxury.”

This week’s High Caliber Home of the Week sponsored by Lisa Peters of Caliber Home Loans is 937 N. Windomere, one of three older homes Chernock and architect Paul Zubiate reimagined for today’s buyer. It’s still perfectly charming on the outside, and inside it is open and inviting. We’re certain that this home will fly of the market, so get pre-approved with Lisa Peters of Caliber Home Loans today so you sail through closing.

Of course, while the neighborhood is a big draw, we have to say that the clever finish-out of this home is a huge selling point!


115 Waterfront Front

The idea of having a lake house is intoxicating. Just imagine the fun, spur-of-the-moment adventures you could have! Nothing planned for the weekend? “Let’s go to the lake house!” is the first thought.

And this home on Cedar Creek Lake is just the perfect spot to head to when the buzz of the city gets to be too much. Not only does this incredible lakeside home come fully furnished, but you will never get tired of the sunsets that come in off the water. Beautiful.

115 Waterfront Sunset

How could you not fall in love with this week’s High Caliber Home of the Week? When you’re ready to buy, call Lisa Peters at Caliber Home Loans to get the right loan for your second home — or first home! — purchase.

Jump to see the magazine-worthy interiors of this listing from David Griffin & Co. Realtors, which can all be yours!


3811 Valley Ridge HCHOTW

Much of Northwest Dallas is full of midcentury homes of various caliber, but builders are seeing the long-term value in the larger lots and shady streets of this area, building high-caliber homes that have all of the amenities, texture, and style that today’s buyer demands.

This contemporary home listed by David Griffin & Co. Realtor Janelle Alcantara is a perfect example of this trend. With brand new everything, huge closets, tons of built-ins, and energy efficient building materials, what more could you possibly want? Yes, this is definitely a high caliber home, and when you’re ready to put in an offer, go to the best — Lisa Peters at Caliber Home Loans.

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7211 Tokalon Front HCHOTW

You won’t believe this, but this home inside Lakewood’s Monticello neighborhood was built in 1943. Yes, it’s had an update and addition since then, but quite a bit of the original home still exists, it’s just been transformed. Or perhaps, it has metamorphosed, because while this East Dallas Austin Stone two-story was expanded and updated in 2015, it feels like this is what it should have always looked like.

And on the inside, the good design just keeps on giving. Truly, you can see why we picked this David Griffin & Company listing on one of the prettiest streets in the city — Tokalon Drive — as this week’s High Caliber Home of the Week sponsored by Lisa Peters of Caliber Home Loans. If you’re already falling in love with this gorgeous Lakewood home, call Lisa Peters today to get pre-approved so that you sail through closing. When buying your dream home, there’s nothing better than having an experienced lender by your side like Lisa Peters of Caliber Home Loans.

7211 Tokalon Front Porch


The Beat Unit 908 HCHOTW

The Cedars is blowing up right now, with more and more people seeing the value of those incredible southern views. Truly, this neighborhood is having it’s own renaissance, with more and more people choosing this artist hub with a very funky vibe. While things are getting a little pricey as the broad brush of gentrification sweeps to select areas south of downtown Dallas, some buildings are really coming into their own, showing how forward-thinking developers were when constructing them.

No other building fits that bill better than The Beat Lofts. This high-rise in the Cedars, which was built by Matthews Southwest in 2007, now offers incredible views and amenities at a fraction of what you’d pay on the other side of downtown Dallas. And, in my opinion, the views are way better.

Of course, that’s not the only reason why this David Griffin & Company listing is our High Caliber Home of the Week sponsored by Lisa Peters of Caliber Home Loans. See why you’ll be jumping at the chance to put in your highest and best on this fabulous ninth-floor unit inside the Beat Lofts.


Wynnewood 635 Bizerte Front

Paul Kirkpatrick finally found a good reason to part with the home he and his partner spent more than a decade carefully improving and perfecting: Mexico.

Well, Puerto Vallarta, to be exact. As it turns out, Paul is selling his wonderful Wynnewood contemporary to move there. Permanently.

“We have absolutely loved living here and will miss it,” Kirkpatrick said.

I wouldn’t necessarily call it their loss — I mean, it is Puerto Vallarta, people. If you could go on permanent vacation, wouldn’t you? But this High Caliber Home of the Week sponsored by Lisa Peters of Caliber Home Loans is definitely your gain. Nevermind how completely gorgeous it is from the curb — the interiors and backyard couldn’t be more perfect.

Trust us, this home hasn’t been on the market for a full day and it won’t be on MLS long. Don’t wait — once you see these photos you’re going to wish you had called Lisa Peters at Caliber Home Loans and gotten a pre-approval so you could beat the competition for these incredible contemporary digs.

If you’re into taking your chances — hey, some people live dangerously, I get it — there’s a broker open house on Thursday, Sept. 1. If you’re not into living on the edge, jump to see what I’m talking about.


10551 Silverock HCHOTW

In 1962, Clint Murchison Jr. still owned the Dallas Cowboys, who still played in the Cotton Bowl in Fair Park with Tom Landry at the helm. Don Meredith was quarterback, and Pettis Norman was tight end. In that same year, this house in Lochwood was built.

Now decades later, these men are all household names here in Dallas, holding close the history of our city as it has gone through hills and valleys, good days and bad. And now, in our city’s own real estate renaissance, the midcentury moderns and early soft contemporaries of Lochwood are coming back into their own, too.

This neighborhood has seen home prices skyrocket, and with those increasing values, more and more investors are buying up these fantastic homes that were built in those halcyon days of Dallas and putting the polish on them that they deserve, like this Lochwood home listed by David Griffin & Company Realtor David Collier. With those cool windows, on-trend modern house numbers, and sparkling paint job, it’s no wonder that this home is our High Caliber Home of the week sponsored by Lisa Peters at Caliber Home Loans. Don’t let this great opportunity to live in a hot East Dallas neighborhood pass you by — get pre-approved and ready to put in your highest and best offer by calling Lisa Peters at Caliber Home Loans today.

Lochwood 10551 Silverock Front Porch

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3859 Pine Tree Front

In the 1950s, developers were throwing up housing in new suburban subdivisions as fast as possible, filling the need for new single-family homes as World War II veterans had their homecomings. Today, many of these neighborhoods are considered inner-ring suburbs, but what about the once heavily commercial or industrial areas that are now ripe for new builds? What should go there? And at what density?

While there are several answers to that question depending on your preferences, more households and developers are seeing the solution in semi-detached townhomes. These have the same interior square footage as what you’d find in the now outer-ring suburbs, but much closer together, with more stories, and on a smaller footprint.

This modern townhome listed by Brandon Stewart of David Griffin & Company is the perfect example of this new paradigm in Dallas urban living. With 2,358 square feet on practically a postage stamp lot (.077 of an acre, if you’re curious) is the pinnacle of efficiency and style, and totally worthy of being this week’s High Caliber Home of the Week sponsored by Lisa Peters at Caliber Home Loans.

While this home just hit the market last week, you can see it in person at the open house on Sunday, Aug. 14, from 1 to 3 p.m., as Leah Shafer notes in today’s Open House Roundup. But, be prepared to put an offer in on it should you fall in love, and there’s no better place to start the pre-approval process than by calling Lisa Peters at Caliber Home Loans.

3859 Pine Tree Front Porch