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Jon Anderson is the condo and HOA columnist for, but also covers second home trends on An award-winning columnist, Jon has earned both silver and bronze awards for his columns from the National Association of Real Estate Editors in 2016. When he isn't in Hawaii, Jon enjoys life in the sky in Dallas.

01/17/17 2:51pm

Coastal Shower Doors 1

Last week, Orlando played host to thousands of design professionals as they gathered under one roof to check out all the new doodads in kitchens and bathrooms. Against last week’s backdrop of certain presidential revelations, a shower seemed a good place to begin …

Gridscape is a new collection of shower doors and panels from Coastal Shower Doors. Mimicking the au courant steel frame Crittall windows, Gridscape extends the 1940s industrial factory look into the home.  There are multiple options in glass … clear, frosted and smoke … and two metal finishes … brown-black and chrome (chrome is the classic-modern look many strive for).  Mullions are customizable as well.  Seen above are boxes, but there are horizontal-only in a variety of glass widths as well as large-scale geometrics with colored glass.  There are also exterior patterned screens to enhance the industrial look.  I would say the variety is endless … a little trite for me … but there are quite a lot of configurations.


01/13/17 4:46pm
Neither Teixeira Duarte Version is Awaiting Planning Approval

Neither Teixeira Duarte Version is Awaiting Planning Approval

On July 26, Teixeira Duarte and Masterplan had what would be their final meeting with the neighborhood to negotiate a better plan for their lots on Hood and Dickason tentatively called Turtle Creek Haus.  The following week, Masterplan presented to the Oak Lawn Committee about the progress being made.  All seemed to be progressing well.

Apparently not.

In September, Teixeira Duarte filed plans with the city for a within-zoning (by-right) plan for the lots.  Because the plans have not been approved, the public can’t see what’s going to be built.  The permitting office told me it was to be an 18-story apartment tower. Another source who’s been through permitting a time or two told me that a September by-right plan still awaiting approval is a little odd.


01/11/17 2:03pm
Ocean Views from Everywhere. Second floor shows Master Bedroom.

Ocean Views from Everywhere. Second floor shows Master Bedroom.

Talk about location, location, location — 202 Kaikuono Place in Honolulu is two doors away from what’s arguably the most famous piece of residential property in Hawaii, Doris Duke’s Shangri-La estate.  Both are located on the ancient lava flow “toe” that juts out into the Pacific called Black Point.  It’s one thing to say you live in Diamond Head, but to call Black Point home raises your cred exponentially. It’s been estimated that were Duke’s five-acre oceanfront estate ever to make it to market, it would be the most expensive piece of residential real estate in the state. And it’s two doors down.

This side of Black Point is at a right angle to the water, so homes face a ribbon of sand-washed coastline resting below the summit of Diamond Head.  When you live here, the best part of waking up isn’t Folgers in your cup. Of course if you needed a little caffeine, you may be able to wrest a cup away from your other neighbor, Jim Nabors.

Head over to for more fab house porn.

01/10/17 3:30pm

3822 Treeline - Exterior 1

Driving up to this home, many thoughts pop into your head:

“Quick, call Elon Musk, I’ve got a Solar Shingles test house for him.”  

“Did the first floor fall into a sinkhole?” 

“One slip and Santa’s dead.”

“Honey, if the roof ain’t new, keep driving.”

Well, the roof is new … along with most everything else.

The home was listed in July 2016 for $138,000 and sold about two months later.  A pinch over three months after that, 3822 Treeline Drive is back on the market for $285,000 with Laura Gambini Anderson of William Davis Realty. So yeah, it’s a flip.  But it’s also a spacious 2,025 square foot “new” home with three bedrooms and two full bathrooms waiting for a no-fuss, no-muss buyer.


01/06/17 3:54pm

Plan Commission 2

Coming as no surprise, the final Preston Center Area Task Force plan passed Plan Commission Thursday. Even with all the political puffery and backslapping, approval took about 15 minutes. I say it comes as no surprise because there’s nothing surprising, insightful, or controversial about it. In fact, it could have been written two years ago before a single meeting was held or a single dollar spent.

A few self-congratulatory task force members got up to heap praise on the plan. Peter Kline and others said that for the first time in 40 years this group is actually in agreement.  Bill Archer said, “I don’t think there’s anything controversial in the plan.”

Well, ya got that right.


01/05/17 3:01pm

Traffic 2

On Jan. 4, medical journal The Lancet published the results of a Canadian study linking living near major roadways to increasing incidence of dementia.  On the upside, they were also interested in any links with Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis, but found no correlation. The study received assistance from Public Health Ontario (PHO) and the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES) along with scientists from the University of Toronto, Carleton University, Dalhousie University, Oregon State University, and Health Canada.

The team, led by Dr. Hong Chen, sampled adults living in the province of Ontario between 20-50 years old and those between 55-85 years old beginning in 2001 (6.6 million total). Participants had none of the neurological ailments at the time the study began. Residential location and proximity to major roadways was derived from post code addresses beginning five years prior to the start of the study (1996). Major roadways are defined as tollways, highways, and the like.

As the study progressed, incidences of each disease were verified with provincial health agencies.

The results marry together the data, while excluding unrelated causes (things like diabetes, obesity, smoking, brain injury, and poverty … income is a factor in overall health).


01/04/17 1:45pm
Exterior 1

Toll Brothers’ Latest Plan for 2728 Welborn

Before even entering last night’s Oak Lawn Committee meeting I knew it was gonna be spark-able.  See, I parked in back of the off-duty Dallas policewoman hired to keep the peace. We walked in together … my first armed escort (check that off the bucket list).

A typically packed agenda really revolved around a single issue … Toll Brothers’ plans for 2728 Welborn (yes, yes, two minutes were also spent on Reverchon Park’s baseball field turning 100). The site, south-ish and west-ish of Welborn and Congress, is just north of the Plaza high-rise condos.  The Toll Brothers project is slated for rental units.

About a year ago, this project, destined to be a high-rise, was knocked down by neighborhood pearl-clutching to a squatty, lump of a building. Well, destiny won.  A 21-story high-rise is now penned for the site that will include 271 units whose average size will be 938 square feet (63 larger than required).  It will contain a mix of one- and two-bedroom units with a smattering of penthouses and nine street-level townhomes.  Nearly a third will be two-bedroom units.  So far, there are four penthouses, but that may increase as the interior floor plates are fleshed out and if the market tells them the larger units would be leasable.


01/03/17 9:56am

Goodbye 2016 v2

[Editor’s note: The following column is the opinion of Jon Anderson and not the editorial opinion of]

Many heralded the end of 2016 with grinding glee. There seemed to be way more bad news on the local, federal, international and celebrity death stages than felt typical.  I wouldn’t try to wade into the national political scene, but Texas had more than enough of its own blistering recklessness littering our real estate domain this past year.