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Some familiar faces in Dallas real estate are hanging out a new shingle. As of April 1, Local Resident Realty, a new brokerage serving Dallas with a emphasis on Lake Highlands, opened its doors for business. The new venture pairs C+N+T Real Estate Group with the pickaperch team – a package that partner Amy Timmerman describes as, “Six Realtors for the price of one.”

The six, specifically, are C+N+T’s Glen Christy, Robin Norcross, Jason Thomas, and Nicole Thomas together with pickaperch’s Timmerman and Beth Arnold. After years of working together informally, the six got together and decided to “do something great together.”


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Sigh. They sure don’t make ‘em like they used to. And in this era of teardowns and McMansions, wonderful old beauties like 3608 Drexel Drive don’t often see their centennial birthday.  Let’s hope that this stately Southern charmer does.

Listing agent Christy Berry of the Collective Luxury Residential loves this property as much as we do. ” I don’t think there are a lot of houses out there that have Southern charm like this,” she said. “A lot of people have asked, ‘Why the yellow?’ but the owner wanted to keep it in character with the original look and feel of the house. It has always been yellow.”


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KAI-UWE BERGMANN HEADSHOT_Credits to Andrejs Strokins (2)

On April 26, The Dallas Architecture Forum will present a not-to-be-missed opportunity to hear from world-renowned architect Kai-Uwe Bergmann. Bergmann is managing partner of award-winning Bjarke Ingels Group Architects in New York City and Copenhagen, Denmark – largely regarded as one of the world’s most innovative architecture firms.


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The Trammell Crow home in Highland Park was in that family for more than 50 years. Now it's time for new owners to enjoy the 10,000-square-foot house. Photo: courtesy of Dallas Morning News.

The old Trammell Crow home in Highland Park. Photo: courtesy of The Dallas Morning News.

Take a drive through any established Dallas neighborhood and you’ll be confronted with a teardown or two. From those that tumble down without making a single wave, to the controversial demolition of iconic homes like the Trammell Crow estate, they make up part of a familiar cycle. The old gives way to the new.  Sentiment aside, unsafe wiring, outdated HVAC systems, or simply the culmination of years of neglect often make renovation of these older homes impractical if not impossible. So they meet with the wrecking ball. But before a single bulldozer revs its engine, Rhonda Hunnicut swoops in to work her magic.

Hunnicut is the founder of DFW Pre-Demolition and Estate Sales. Her job is to come into a home slated for demolition, identify items to be salvaged, and then sell them on behalf of the owner. From French doors to hardwood floors, literally anything and everything goes. Whether the prospective buyer is a builder, a rental property owner, or what Hunnicut calls a ‘weekend warrior,’ there’s something of interest for everyone. Garage doors, light fixtures, and even landscaping – it all gets fitted with a price tag. And a pretty reasonable one, at that. While an entire kitchen fetches upwards of $10,000, a single dimmer switch sells for five bucks. A pack of five can lights goes for $20. Like we said, something for everyone.

We caught up with Hunnicut during the recent pre-demolition sale at the former Willow Bend home of celebrated golfer Freddy Couples to talk about her work in this era of teardowns.


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The picture of a Texas homebuyer has changed distinctly over the last year. According to a report released last week by the Texas Association of Realtors, Texan households are more diverse than ever, representing a growing array of ethnic backgrounds, ages, family statuses, and socioeconomic groups.


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Unfair Tax Appraisal: How to Fight Against Them With Texas Tax Protest

What’s got Dallas County residents nervously waiting in anticipation? On May 1, property tax notices will begin appearing in mailboxes across the county and some residents will need to prep for a fight.

With the third highest effective property tax rates in the nation, Texas has been feeling the squeeze for years. And across Texas, 2017 tax notices are once again raising eyebrows and ire. Tarrant County residents saw a 9 percent increase over last year on average, with 1,300 people filing protests in the first week of notices being mailed. Travis County saw similar increases. Residential property values went up 8 percent and commercial property values went up 23 percent on average. In Harris County, residential property values went up 5.5 percent on average.

With mere weeks until property tax notices go out, experts predict the plight may be even graver for Dallas County residents.


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modtown owners 02

Drew Colon and Jacob Moss helm ModTown Realty.

Drew Colon comes out of the gate running. Answers ready, he requires little time to think. He’s boisterous and commanding. Jacob Moss, on the other hand, prefers to mull things over before settling on a reply. His manner is easy and jocular. So it’s not surprising when they describe their business relationship in terms of a marriage. They are each other’s perfect foil.

“We balance each other out,” said Moss. “We both know our roles, which makes our partnership gel a lot more than most.”


04/12/17 9:33am

The 2017 Preservation Achievement Awards feature keynote speaker Stephanie Meeks, President and CEO of the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

This year’s Preservation Achievement Awards promise to be something special! In place of its annual awards reception, Preservation Dallas will host a sit-down dinner on May 31 at 6 p.m. in the legendary Statler Ballroom.

Not only does the location itself hold such a treat for preservation enthusiasts, the awards include a special tribute near and dear to friends of Dallas. According to Preservation Dallas: