Blast From the Past: We Know the RealEstalker, a.k.a. Mama, REAL Well at CandysDirt!

Patrick has inspired me to re-run this post from December, 2010, when I had the pleasure of meeting Mama or the RealEstalker, in person in LA. This post brings us back to the past, 2007 or 2008, when few knew or understood real estate blogging in Dallas. Few, of course, except for Jeff Duffey! 

The RealEstalker was a true pioneer in our obsession with real estate. Let’s face it: once real estate went online, everything changed. Ownership of property has always been a primary indicator of wealth, fortune and fame. And we all “like to look!”

I was in L.A. recently, and all I wanted to do was hang out with Mama, a.k.a. TheRealEstalker. I fell in love with Mama the first time she referred to a fancy pants house as a “big-ass” mansion. Laughed so hard I cried and just about wet myself, or maybe I did. But it was more than professional respect: Mama has a way of looking at these homes, these ridiculously huge homes that no one really needs, but, like a God-awful wreck on the freeway when the Medi-copter swoops down, we just have to look. I mean, I have to look, and that is why being with Mama — actually, Mark — is like being with my twin. Or alter-ego. I had this discussion at a holiday par-tee Saturday night in a home I know Mama would rip to shreds: who the hell wants to see Trailer Park House Porn?

Mama is the original House Porn Queen, I’m just the Texas helping.

When she wrote about Dallasite Phil Romano’s house I almost exploded with laughter. Oh baby, I thought, if you could only see the real thing! This was December/January of 2007/2008, and DallasDirt was relatively new. Phil’s listing agent got wind of what I had posted, well, not posted, but linked to. But no one in Dallas real estate at the time understood linking or blogging or even who the RealEstalker was.

Mama, you were ahead of your time. A true House Porn pioneer.

The agents were angry. How dare someone make fun of one of their listings, how dare I dare to endorse this daring dare of making fun of a listing. Well, I wasn’t. I was reporting it. How dare I dare to not ignore it?

The internet had not sunk in, yet. Agents would soon learn that making “fun” of their listings could send them viral, meaning more exposure to more pools of buyers.

Remember when Mama said, “Preston Holler is one of Dallas’ finer and most expensive neighborhoods where many of the swank streets are lined with mansions that make Beverly Hills look like the damn ghetto.”

Well honey, I don’t know about that, your Bev Hills is pretty darn swanky. Why even the parking meters were decorated with holiday ribbons, so festive.

What was that you said? Oh. Oh no. We don’t have parking meters in Preston Hollow.

Darling, we have chauffeurs!