Tuesday Two Hundred: Buy a Clean Slate in Casa Linda Estates For $200K (Plus The Cost of Demolition)

1223 Selva Front

If you were to buy 1223 Selva Drive, you’d get a house, sure, but I can’t guarantee you’d want to live in it.

What I can guarantee is that if you bought 1223 Selva, which is on the market for $199,950, you will get a gorgeous lot in one of the best neighborhoods in Dallas.

Casa Linda Estates is one of those Dallas neighborhoods that is most definitely the best of both worlds. You get large lots and close shopping, you’re within walking distance of White Rock Lake, you get great parks and recreation, tons of hiking and bike trails all within 20 minutes of downtown Dallas — 15 if you take the Interstate.

1223 Selva Side

This lot, which is just under a half acre, would be perfect for a custom home. Imagine something that’s in tune with the trees and the landscape, something that fits easily with the existing homes in the neighborhood, but has modern touches and upscale finishes. Of course, any one of our Candy’s Dirt-approved builders could construct a masterpiece here!

1223 Selva Back

And with this much space, you could put in an amazing garden! Can you imagine? I think this lot is perfect to experiment with native plants, and maybe a pool, too!

I wonder, though, how much it would cost to tear this 1,477-square-foot home down. Any ideas? Ballpark figures?

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